Thursday, January 6, 2022

Your Home Safety Checklist

It's a fact that for most people, home feels like the very safest of places: our pathways and rooms are predictable and familiar.

However, safety from accidents within our home-sweet-homes is not always the case. In fact, more than 50% of falls happen within the home.

Making Homes Safer for Those with Mobility Issues & Special Needs

At-home slips, trips and falls often lead to injuries and can worsen chronic health issues. That's why it is crucial to assess your home environment and spot any safety problems -- before they become slip, trip or fall problems for those with blindness, low vision, deafness, hearing impairment, mobility issues, and other special needs.

Let's go through a quick and easy -- yet vital -- checklist for the various rooms in your home. We're here to help make your home even safer!

Kitchen Safety

Since kitchens are typically the most used area of a home, it's important that the kitchen layout and its accessories take safety, mobility, accessibility, and comfort into account.

  • Install non-skid, non-slip kitchen floor surfaces
  • Use unbreakable, durable, dishwasher safe plates -- like the Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad
  • For folks with low vision, arthritis, or mobility issues where one hand is limited, use a safe and secure cutting board you can trust. Try the E Z Handy Helper Low Vision Cutting Board

    Bathroom Safety
  • The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), more than 1 in 3 seniors above the age of 65 falls each year -- and 80% of these falls occur in the bathroom.

    Safety in your home bathroom is essential, especially for senior citizens and those with special needs such as mobility issues!

  • For bathtub safety and security, install a Chrome Grab Bar. Be sure to get one that is constructed of heavy gauge steel for added support when sitting, standing, and transferring

  • A Toilet Safety Rail helps make it easier -- and safer -- to get on and off the toilet. This Medical Freestanding Toilet Safety Rail provides comfort, convenience, and added security

  • Provide yourself or a loved one with comfort and safety with a non-slip surface perfectly suited for any shower stall. This Non-Slip Hydro Rug Shower Stall Bath Mat leaves soggy, slippery mats behind and helps avoid dangerous slips in the shower

Bedroom Safety

You should always feel safe and secure in your own bedroom. Discover a wealth of bedroom safety products, and put them to good use. You're worth it!

  • The extra support you need getting in and out of bed is within your reach thanks to the easy-to-install Home Bed Side Helper.
    Perfect for either one or two-handed use, and a guaranteed secured fit!
  • The incredibly comfortable Comfortek Armed Seating Plus chair is perfect for those going through rehab and therapy, or who simply need a safe, sturdy chair in their bedroom -- or any room of their home! This chair features a steel frame and a comfortable seat and back made of 3-inch dual-density foam. The Caddie attached to the bottom of this chair features 4 casters, two of which rotate 360 degrees. The chair features a brake-release lever positioned next to the seat of the chair, allowing seated users to lock and unlock the wheels with ease. These casters are designed for those who live independently but need a little extra help to scoot themselves towards and away from a bed or a table

    Make Your Safe Home Even Safer

    Eliminate any potential, dangerous slips, trips, and falls at home. Use a checklist for every room in your home and turn to MaxiAids for the safety and independent living products you'll want -- and need.

    From Household Products to Home Healthcare Needs, to Mobility Products, and so much more, we have what you need to stay safer -- and more independent -- at home.

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