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Maxi Aids, founded in 1986, has become the leading supplier of products that are specifically designed to assist our customers and help them to maintain or gain an Independent, Healthy and Active Lifestyle!

The customers we serve are not only the end users of our products, but they are also the dedicated Professionals and the Agencies whom provide important services and rehabilitation services to those in communities all across the Globe.

Our selection of products are designed to assist Senior Citizens, those who are Vision Impaired (Low Vision), or Blind, those who are Hearing Impaired (Hard of Hearing) or Deaf, as well as those whom have Various Medical, and Mobility challenges. With the purchase of some of our inexpensive product solutions, some of our customers have commented "You changed my Life" - we hope that our products can do the same for you, or your loved one.

If for any reason you need further product or order assistance please feel free to contact us at 1800-522-6294 ( M-F , 8:30-5:00 Est)

You deserve the very best!

The MaxiAids Team thanks you for your support and patronage. Please remember, "We are here for you!"


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