When it comes to doors, windows and keys, we have all your daily living utilities covered. Our turning knob operators offer convenience for those with dexterity issues, our giant key holders ensure you will never lose your keys, and our key turners make unlocking doors a breeze! These are just some of our wonderful door, window and key daily living products. Browse our entire selection today.

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    Portable Wireless Chime-Pager-Doorbells 1000 FT. Hearing Impaired Doorbell 1000ft Wireless Doorbells for Home...
  • TKO - Turning Knob Operator

    For non-round knobs, faucets, valves, and keys
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    Provides extra leverage when turning any non-round control knob or appliance handle. When the turner is pressed onto...
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    Improves grip and leverage when using a key. Key is secured to handle. Handle has 2 largefinger holes. 
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    Eliminates pressure on fingers as you turn keys. Great for those with arthritis Easy to locate in purse or pocket. 

Our expanding door hinge widens a door opening for easier wheel chair entry. We offer easy key turners, giant key holders, and turning knob operators. Alertmaster and Bellman products. All designed to make life's challenges much easier!