Splitters and Crushers

Crush and split your pills in style!  We offer some unique and functional designs to assist you in cutting up, mashing, and splitting your medications. 

  • Reizen 3-in-1 Pill Cutter

    Cut, Mash and Store Pills with One Handy Tool
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    SKU: 155612
    List Price: $7.50
    Our Price: $5.95
    You Save: $1.55 (20%)
    Perfect for half-pill doses and for those who aren't able to swallow pills! This compact, handy tool features an...
  • Reizen Pill Cutter

    The Perfect Portable Pill Cutter for Half Doses
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 671350
    List Price: $6.95
    Our Price: $5.49
    You Save: $1.46 (21%)
    This slim tool easily stores in a medicine cabinet or drawer, or slip into your briefcase, handbag or pants pocket....

Handy and functional medication splitters and crushers will make cutting up pills a breeze!