Motion Sensors

Equipping your home or office with a security motion sensor is a good way to keep an eye on high-traffic areas, as well as off-limit regions. Many of our customers use these motion sensors, which also come as wireless motion sensors, to get a read on where their pets are in the house, while others use them to monitor traffic after-hours at the office.

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    SKU: 26871OR
    List Price: $21.95
    Our Price: $17.95
    You Save: $4.00 (18%)
    Multi-purpose portable check guide. Black, sturdy 3D print material, fits standard check size 2 3/4x6. Doubles as a...
  • SquareGlow Outdoor Motion Sensor

    Keep your home safe!
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    SKU: 749667
    List Price: $59.99
    Our Price: $39.99
    You Save: $20.00 (33%)
    The SquareGlow Outdoor Motion Sensor lets you know when someone is in your yard/driveway or in your garage. When...
  • Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 749767
    List Price: $39.99
    Our Price: $19.99
    You Save: $20.00 (50%)
    The SquareGlow Door Window sensor lets you know when your door or window is opened. When paired with the SquareGlow...
  • SqaureGlow Wireless Tap-it

    Connect your SquareGlow devices!
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    SKU: 749832
    List Price: $69.99
    Our Price: $69.99
    Recommended for individuals with deaf/blindness or visual impairment. Tap It connects you to any SquareGlow accessory...
  • Wireless Motion Sensor for Economy CMU

    Detects movement of patients for nurses/caregivers
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    SKU: 903988
    List Price: $29.95
    Our Price: $29.95
    The Motion Sensor for Economy CMU provides nurses and other caregivers with versatile, reliable, and unobtrusive...
  • Motion Sensor and Pager- One to One System

    Alerts caregivers of motion detected near patient
    Availability: In Stock
    SKU: 903993
    List Price: $59.95
    Our Price: $49.95
    You Save: $10.00 (16%)
    Eliminate in-room alarm noise with a motion sensor that sends a wireless signal to a pager, as well as to the Central...
  • Wireless Motion Sensing Indoor-Outdoor Step Light

    Lights stairs, hallways, & paths for a safer home
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    SKU: 962530
    List Price: $29.95
    Our Price: $22.99
    You Save: $6.96 (23%)
    Poorly lit stairs, hallways, paths, and other areas inside and outside your home can result in falls and injuries....

We offer multiple security options for motion sensors and wireless motion sensors, with different sizes and shapes to enhance security.