Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

Motion sensor fall prevention monitors sense and report motion when their passive infrared field is interrupted, alerting the caregiver when a resident vacates a bed, chair or other designated area. When positioned along the bedside, the sensor fall prevention will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed. When positioned by a crucial exit, the fall monitor sensor will alarm as the resident approaches the doorway.

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    Multi-purpose portable check guide. Black, sturdy 3D print material, fits standard check size 2 3/4x6. Doubles as a...
  • Care Home Alerting Solution

    Get flashing alerts of phone calls and visitors
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    Never miss a phone call or a visit from your friends and family! Enjoy all-in-one home alerting with door...
  • Wireless Motion Sensor for Economy CMU

    Detects movement of patients for nurses/caregivers
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    The Motion Sensor for Economy CMU provides nurses and other caregivers with versatile, reliable, and unobtrusive...
  • Motion Sensor and Pager- One to One System

    Alerts caregivers of motion detected near patient
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    Eliminate in-room alarm noise with a motion sensor that sends a wireless signal to a pager, as well as to the Central...

Motion sensor alarm systems are helpful for anti-wandering prevention, especially in cases where Dementia or Alzheimer’s may be involved.