Do you feel as though cooking has lost its appeal? It is common for those with dexterity limitations to lose the passion they once had for hobbies such as cooking or baking. We can appreciate how challenging living with dexterity complications can be. This is why we carry a wide selection of cooking devices that will bring the joy back to your kitchen! Our cooking gadgets include comfort grip pizza wheels, electric food processors, comfort grip spatulas, and more! For a complete inventory of our cooking products, please see below.

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    This modified Black and Decker countertop talking toaster oven is ideal for people who are blind or have low vision...
  • Splatter Shield Trio

    Keep yourself safe and your kitchen clean!
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    Keep yourself safe and your kitchen clean with these helpful splatter screens! The three-pack offers three different...

Our Company offer cooking aid products to assist you more easily in food preparation. For low vision challenges, there are larger numbers on measuring products, comfort easy grip items for a better grasp, splatter screens and flame retardant oven mitts to protect you from heat and burns, and many other products to assure meal preparation is safe and fun.