Caregiver Alerts

Caregiver alerts provide crucial assistance to caregivers who work tirelessly to provide support to the people they love. Approximately 40 percent of U.S. adults are now caring for a sick or elderly family member, and along with that added responsibility comes the need for home care surveillance and supervision at all times. Whether you are providing senior care to a parent with Dementia or Alzheimer’s who is at risk to wander off or are tending to a person where one sudden movement or fall can result in serious injury, our Our Company caregiver alerts store is here to help!

Caregiver Alerts Options from Our Store - See What Suits Your Needs!

Caregiver Paging Systems:
Caregiver Paging Systems are perfect for large or small caregiver facilities and for home caregiving. Caregiver pagers have an audible alarm and are small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. Two examples are the Two Call Button Paging System (2 nurse call buttons and 1 pager) and the Motion Sensor and Pager System, both from Smart Caregiver.

Fall Prevention Monitors:
Fall Prevention Monitors and Wander Alarms provide audible and visual alerts to notify caregivers of the movements of the residents or loved ones they are monitoring. Fall Prevention Monitors and Bed Alarms are easy to use and can be customized for potential institutional growth in mind. Just program the sensor pads to the bed alarm monitors, then set the bed sensor pad on the bed, chair sensor pad on the chair or the pressure sensing floor mat pad on the floor. When the patient/resident gets up or stands on the pad, it triggers the alarm. Elderly Fall Prevention Monitoring Systems such as the Smart Caregiver FallGuard CordLess Monitor can be used in medical and assisted care facilities, or in the home to help reduce falls and wandering incidents, especially among individuals with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Motion Sensor Alarm Systems:
Motion sensor fall prevention monitors sense and report motion when their passive infrared field is interrupted, alerting the caregiver when a resident vacates a bed, chair or other designated area. When positioned along the bedside, the sensor fall prevention will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed. When positioned by a crucial exit, the fall monitor sensor will alarm as the resident approaches the doorway. Motion Sensor Alarm Systems are helpful for Anti-Wandering Prevention, especially in cases where Dementia or Alzheimer’s may be involved.

Sensor Pad Alarms - Bed Chair and Floor Mats:
Sensor Pad Alarms give caregivers a simple, efficient means of knowing if a patient/resident is getting up from a bed or chair, or stepping out of the room. Bed Sensor Pads, Chair Sensor Pads and Floor Mat Sensor Pad Alarms are available in a variety of sizes and are compatible with a range of Fall Prevention Monitors.

Wireless Call System with Pagers:
CordLess/Wireless Central Monitors from Smart Caregiver are designed to monitor a wide variety of CordLess Sensor Devices at one location. These monitors work with a range of wireless components, including bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, floor mat sensor pads, motion sensors and nurse call buttons. Compatible accessory Pagers allow caregivers to be aware of patient/resident needs from anywhere within their home or facility. The numeric display shows which device triggered the alarm and alarm volume is adjustable. The Caregiver Key Reset option (sold separately) allows caregivers to reset the monitor after an alarm.

Additional Caregiver Help for You or Your Loved Ones: Looking for additional consultation on our caregiver alert devices? Don’t hesitate to call 1-800-522-6294 during regular business hours. One of our knowledgeable, experienced customer care representatives will be happy to help you navigate through our Caregiver Alerts offerings or any of the products for independent living that Our Company carries.