Care Deaf Alerting

Care deaf alerting strobing door bells are important tools for hearing-impaired individuals so they know when visitors are at the door. Our Company offers a few options for your deaf alerting needs, providing a selection of hearing enhancers and hearing impaired devices, as well as hearing amplification devices for those with hearing loss.

  • Silent Call Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Body Worn Receiver

    Portable ? alerts to emergencies, calls and more!
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    SKU: 121420
    List Price: $299.20
    Our Price: $295.20
    You Save: $4.00 (1%)
    The Medallion Series Vibra-call 3 body-worn portable receiver is designed for people who are deaf and blind. A series...
  • Nutone Strobe Door Chime- Doorbell Only

    Additional doorbell for Nuton Strobe Door Chime
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    SKU: 9000203
    List Price: $28.28
    Our Price: $24.40
    You Save: $3.88 (13%)
    This is an additional doorbell button only for use with the Nutone Strobe Door Chime system that is sold separately,...

Alerting tools, hearing impaired devices and hearing impaired products are inexpensive ways to provide better care for individuals with hearing issues. Browse our selection of care deaf alerting tools today!