NEW Braille and Large Print - Black on White Mini Bluetooth Keyboard - Mac

Manufacturer: LogicKeyboard

Transform your computing experience with the Brail

  • Braille Keyboard with Large Print
  • Bluetooth Wireless connection
  • Scissors switch keys with superior tactile feedback
  • Light form factor with only 78 keys, macOS Sierra 10.12 or later versions
  • Dimensions- 11.2 in x 4.7 in x 0.9 in
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Bluetooth Braille with Large Print Logickeyboard
Made for Mac

Transform your computing experience with the Logickeyboard Braille Keyboard with Large Print, designed for individuals with low vision. A Braille keyboard equipped with an additional layer of accessibility through Large Print characters. This thoughtfully crafted keyboard offers a user-friendly solution, featuring oversized, high-contrast print on each key alongside Braille characters, ensuring a clear and inclusive interface for users with varying visual needs.

The Braille Keyboard with large print, deliverers an elevated level of accessibility that makes it a standout choice for those with visual impairments. The combination of large, boldly printed keys and Braille characters eliminates barriers associated with traditional keyboards, creating a comfortable and efficient typing experience. This keyboard is also a great assistant to users who are learning braille. This innovative Braille keyboard with Large Print transcends barriers, ensuring accessibility to technology for all.

Molded braille dots
The only keyboard in the world with molded braille dots, therefore no stickers peeling off. Our braille keyboard is uniquely crafted to be incredibly durable, outlasting any other braille solution.

Bluetooth wireless connection
With the keyboards Bluetooth connection you will eliminate wires on the desk. Its operating distance is up to 30 feet - 10 meters - away from the computer, and enables working where the computer is not positioned in close proximity. Depending on usage, the batteries will keep it powered for up to 6 months.

Easy to bring with you
With its small footprint and light form factor with only 78 keys, it is highly portable and ideal for use in both home and office. Fits perfectly in the computer bag.

macOS Sierra 10.12 or later versions