NEW The Braille World Atlas

The World at your Finger tips

  • A world atlas
  • solar system maps of Earth
  • mountain ranges, and population
  • Physical Description- Paper. 11 x 23 x .75 in.
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A world atlas, spiral bound, in one volume. Each map has raised lines and braille labeling, and each map is preceded by a page or pages of descriptive information. These pages are half the width of the map pages so that they can be read without having to flip back and forth between the descriptive information and the maps. The atlas includes a map of the solar system maps of Earth, including polar views, climates, mountain ranges, and population and maps of the continents and countries. It is not a copy of any existing print atlas but is a new atlas for braille readers that is up-to-date as of August 1992

Physical Description- Paper. 11 x 23 x .75 in.