Williams Sound PPA Select FM Receiver-Clip-Batt.-Head.

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Comes with Belt Clip, 2 AA Batteries & Headphone

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The Williams Sound PPA Select FM Receiver (PPA R37) features easy to use push-button/seek channel selection with access to 17 pre-set wideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz. Digitally synthesized for even greater audio clarity and stability, the PPA Select also offers channel-lock capability (to prevent accidental channel change) and a battery-saving Sleep Mode.

A versatile 3.5mm stereo/mono jack allows for a variety of earphone and headphone options, and is neckloop/telecoil-equipped-hearing aid compatible. It's great for use in churches, schools, auditoriums, conference rooms and theatres.

Includes belt clip, 2 AA batteries and HED 021 Headphone.

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