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VerteWrap Low Profile Back Brace - XLarge 40-44in

For Spinal Bracing, Pain Relief & Better Mobility

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  • Provides spinal bracing & pain relief
  • Stabilizes the back & encourages proper posture
  • Covers sacrococcygeal junction to T-9 vertebra
VerteWrap back braces effectively and comfortably provide spinal bracing and pain relief, improve functional mobility, and stabilize the back following surgery, as well as encourage proper posture.

VerteWrap Low Profile (L0627): Lumbar orthosis, sagittal control, with rigid anterior and posterior panels, posterior extends from L-1 to below L-5 vertebra, produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on the intervertebral discs

Size: Extra Large (40"-44")

- Covers the lower back from the L-1 vertebrae to below the L-5 vertebrae.
- Provides spinal bracing and pain relief, improves functional mobility and stabilizes the back following surgery, as well as encouraging proper posture.
- Lightweight for ideal patient comfort and made of strong, flexible and breathable advanced materials.
- Rigid anterior and posterior panels enhance abdominal compression and comfort to provide consistent pain relief.
- Easily adjustable to each patient with convenient side pull straps and simple hook and loop fasteners.
- Warranty: 1 year free of manufacturer's defects

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