Unisar Portable Wireless Audio Listener

Manufacturer: Unisar

Amplifies and clarifies all audio devices
  • Compact and comfortable wireless listening device
  • Built-in microphone for amplifying conversations
  • Advanced noise reduction capabilities
  • Transmit audio signal through walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Adjustable volume control that adjusts treble/bass, and left/right sound balance

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The Unisar Portable Wireless Audio Listener is Compatible with all TVs, Stereos, CD Players, Smartphones, and iPods/MP3 Players.

Additional features:

Wireless range: 100 feet
— Limited 1-year Warranty
— Super lightweight and weighs less than a pound
— Works up to 8 hours on a full charge
— Fits in a pocket or may be clipped onto a belt
— Does not interfere with cordless phones garage doors, microwaves, or other systems

Technical Specifications:

Transmission mode— UHF Stereo
Carrier frequency— 900MHz
Operating voltage— Transmitter: 8V400mA
Frequency response— 30Hz-10 KHz
Distortion— less than 2 percent
Signal-to-noise ratio— greater than65 dB
Range— Up to 50 meters (open area)
Charging time— 3hrs
Working time— 6hrs

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