Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Traveling Blind and "Seeing" the World Through All Five Senses...


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Summertime means vacation time for many.  For those who are planning their summer vacations and wish to explore exotic destinations, there are countless opportunities for those with physical disabilities.

Blind travelers now have more travel options with special customized tours.  With the help of sighted guides-- some who even volunteer on the trip, each blind traveler will experience new and exciting adventures and explorations among different cultures, while expanding their senses through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  From horseback riding to climbing, boat rides and wine tasting, there are many travel companies now catering to those with physical disabilities, enabling blind travelers a safe and memorable journey.

MaxiAids offers products in helping those who are blind or live with low vision to have more freedom and accessibility in their daily lives.  Our travel products as well as assistive items for daily living enhance the lives of those who are physically challenged.  Believing that physical disabilities do not have to stop people from living a full and gratifying life, MaxiAids carefully chooses these products to allow those to continue on their life adventures with more confidence and ease. 


Accessible websites and audio brochures offer blind travelers the freedom to book a tour on their own without depending on family members. Knowing there will be guides on the trip to help them "see" the sites by hearing descriptive details will make their trip a truly exciting and rewarding adventure. This alone provides a certain amount of confidence to plan a foreign trip. One travel company assigns a different sighted guide to a blind traveler each day to help them gain a new and diverse perspective of where they are and what is being experienced. The travel company "focuses on stimulating all of the five senses; this means that we can guarantee a truly unique and multi-sensory travel experience."

About Us

More and more travel tour companies are now catering to blind travelers and their companions.  Some of these companies specialize in accommodations suitable for blind guests and their families, unique day excursions, cooking classes, hiking, biking, swimming, zip lining, parasailing and more.  Travel sites are providing those with physical disabilities the opportunity to explore unique venues and exotic locations.  Living one's dream to travel and "see" the world through the five senses has now become a reality with new and accessible destination travel.  - Audrey Leonard

Look to MaxiAids to find products that improve your daily living and allow you to live a life of adventure.  For blind and visually impaired accessories, low vision aids, blind and low vision products, MaxiAids items can help you on your travels and every day journeys.

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