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The Door Beacon - Door Knock Sensor

Never Miss a Visitor Again

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  • Knocking on the door shakes the sensor causing it to flash
  • Adjustable sensitivity switch reduces false alerts/saves battery
  • Three different mounting options included
  • Includes one-year warranty and simple instructions
  • Great for home, travel and noisy environments
The Door Beacon is a door sensor for the hearing impaired, which responds to knocks by flashing an extra bright strobe light that lasts for several seconds. The vibration of the door, caused by knocking, activates this door sensor. The adjustable sensitivity switch (Hi/Low/Off) allows you to program the device to your needs. Easy to install with mounting options, including metal wire bracket, adhesive hook and loop attachment or use the hole for hanging on nail or screw. It is so easy to hang and remove you can use it on the front door and then move it to the back door as you need, or even take it with you when you travel. Also great for use in noisy environments. Uses 9V alkaline battery (not included). Includes one-year warranty and simple instructions.

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