TCL Vibe Travel Alarm Clock with Vibration Wristband

Manufacturer: Amplicom

Awake by vibration, audible alarm or both
  • Dual alarm with snooze function
  • Date/Month calendar with day of the week
  • Audible alarm up to 75dB
  • Indoor temperature reading
  • 3 AAA Batteries (included)

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The features found in the Amplicom TCL Vibe alarm clock makes it the perfect wake-up solution for anyone who needs to wake-up on time with a loud alarm and vibrating alarm wristband! Small, compact and cordless, it will easily fit on your nightstand or in your suitcase without the hassle of power adapters or outlets.

Dual Alarm and Alarm Modes
The Vibe's two alarm times, loud audible alarm AND silent vibrating wristband alarm makes this clock suitable for all types of users and wake-up needs. The alarm beeps for 90 seconds, so if you're the type of sleeper where the 75 decibel alarm won't wake you, the vibrating wristband alarm can be used for a silent method to gently shake you awake. The vibrating wristband is also great for waking up without disturbing other people, for people who are deaf and want a tactile vibrating alarm, or if you want both audible and vibrating alarms to go off to ensure you are awakened (just in case).

Wireless for Home and Travel
Smaller in width than most smartphones, the TCL Vibe takes up little space on your nightstand, desk and suitcase. It can become your main alarm clock for home use, but when you need a portable clock for traveling, the Vibe makes things easy. Since the clock is wireless, powered by 3 AAA batteries (included), and the vibration unit is charged through the clock with the included USB cable, you can take it on the road and not worry about losing a power adapter. It also comes with its own travel bag to keep everything together.

Using standard AAA batteries, the TCL Vibe gives you peace of mind by making sure you can get up on time even when you lose power. It also makes traveling easier when you don't need to worry about foreign power outlets.


1 TCL VIBE Clock
1 Wristband
1 Vibration Unit
1 Travel Pouch
1 Charge Cable
3 AAA Batteries
1 User Guide

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Display Digital
Features Alarm and Calendar
Type Vibrating

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