Amplified Telephones for the Hearing Impaired

Amplified phones are not just for the hard of hearing. Many seniors - as well as those with some degree of hearing loss - benefit greatly from these marvels of technology. Whether it is an amplified cordless telephone or an amplified corded telephone, certain features are shared in common. These amplified devices allow the user to increase the volume heard through the receiver or speaker, helping to put an end to those repeated "Can you hear me?" dialogues which can be so frustrating to both parties.

Louder volume is not the only technological benefit of amplified telephones. Hearing loss does not solely involve volume. There is another component quality of sound and that is frequency. Many people who are hard of hearing also have difficulty distinguishing certain sound pitches as a result of frequency-specific hearing loss. There are amplified phones designed to digitally optimize the frequency levels so that the user can clearly and comfortably hear a caller's voice.

Many amplified phone models are compatible with hearing aids that have telecoil (t-coil) technology. Telecoil is a wireless feature allowing the hearing aid to directly receive the sound signal transmitted from a device, such as an amplified phone, or a telecoil-looped room. After activating the hearing aid's t-switch, the signal goes directly to the hearing aid's processor, bypassing its microphone, for the best sound volume and clarity, without background noise. This is the same technology used at concert halls and for museum tours providing accessibility to the hearing impaired.

In addition to the obvious benefits of an amplified headset or amplified speakerphone, these telephones solve the practical matter of alerting the user to answer the phone. While they all typically feature an extra-loud ringer, some models also offer a visual ringer such as a bright, flashing light. Some telephones feature a vibrating handset and certain phone systems even offer an optional vibrating accessory called a bed shaker or bed vibrator.

To further enhance usability for seniors and those with low vision, amplified phones feature bigger displays and large number keys with big buttons. Amplified answering machines are also available as an accessory for those phone models that do not have that feature built in.

Amplified telephones help bring pleasure back into the lives of seniors, the hard of hearing, and those who call them. Enjoying a pleasant and relaxed phone conversation is one of the joys one hopes to experience when staying in touch with relatives and loved ones. This is why amplified phones make such a great gift for them and for you.

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