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Assistive devices like vibrating alarm clocks aren't just for the deaf and those with hearing loss.

Whether you are hard of hearing or just a hard-to-wake Sleeping Beauty, a bed shaker or pillow vibrator alarm clock may be the answer to getting yourself out of bed on time.  

A vibrate alarm clock is probably not really news for anyone in the deaf community. But for many deep sleepers and those who are hard of hearing, the availability of vibrating alarms could be news indeed. This may be most true for those who were not born with hearing loss, but have acquired it over the years, as they've aged. After all, "back in the day," alarms that vibrate hadn't been invented yet.


What's the Best Vibrating Alarm Clock?

The best vibrate alarm clock to successfully rouse even the deepest sleeper is one with an under the mattress vibrator, usually called a bed shaker alarm clock. Bed shaking devices can also be placed under a pillow – your choice.

The "bed shaker" also called a "vibrating device," "vibrating disc," or "bed vibrating unit," is a small gadget about the size of a hockey puck connected with a cord to the vibrate alarm clock. It can be placed under the mattress, or on top of the mattress and under the bed sheet, as well as inside a pillow case under your pillow. It's just a matter of individual preference and what works best for you. A bed shaker alarm clock can wake even the deepest sleeper.

Be aware that if you choose an under pillow vibrate alarm clock which solely specifies "pillow vibrator" rather than "bed shaker," it will work the same way but may not be quite as powerful.

Also available are wireless vibrating wristband alarm clocks as well as wireless shakers that you can control with your smartphone.  

As much as we might wish that a gentle touch and a whisper could wake us up, if you really want to get yourself out of bed on time and not be late, an alarm clock that shakes you awake is most likely the answer.


Just imagine...

Not being late to work or school, an important meeting or hard-to-reschedule appointment. No more oversleeping. No more frantic rushing about to make up for lost time. No more red-faced apologies to your boss, teacher, business associate, dentist, or doctor.

Whether you're a student or worker who's a heavy sleeper, a senior citizen with some hearing loss, deaf, or hard of hearing – you will find a number of terrific options here.


Vibrating Alarm Clocks with Bed Shakers and More

So, let's get specific. What choices do you have?

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