Zeiss Magnifying Visual Devices for Professional Users

The magnifying system for professional applications

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Teleloupe Spectacles GTX

The Teleloupe Spectacles GTX feature some outstanding benefits: They are fitted almost like a normal pair of glasses by your eyecare professional. Both short-sightedness (myopia) and far-sightedness (hyperopia) can be corrected. Objects in the close-up range are seen stereoscopically with 2x or 2.5x magnification


ZEISS Head-worn Loupes KF and KS

Superb image quality, large fields of view, 14 different optical systems with magnifications from 3.2x to 8x and working distances from 500 mm to 190 mm: The Head-worn Loupes KF and KS are ideal for many applications in medicine and technology. If required, the optical system can be swung out of the field of view and then returned to its standard position.

In the Head-worn Loupe KF Titanium the teleloupe system is mounted on a frame with straight temples and an elastic headband. If required, the protective lenses can be exchanged for eyeglass lenses of any power at any time. The outstanding wearing comfort of the Head-worn Loupe KS is achieved by a special system carrier which, thanks to its many adjustment possibilities, can be adapted to optimally fit any head shape.