smpl Motion Kit - Room Motion Sensor and Caregiver Pager

Manufacturer: smpl Technology

Now don’t worry when they are about to wander!
  • This smpl Alerts kit is part of the simplest, complete and expandable caregiver monitoring system available today
  • Caregiver receives Pager alerts when movement is detected in a room or unsafe area- ideal for anti-wandering and fall prevention
  • Promotes safety & independence for caregivers/caregetters; receive alerts where caregiver is situated in/around home if infraction occurs
  • Easy installation and use; wireless, no tools required; Combo kit arrives ready to work detecting movement within 20 ft. of the Sensor
  • Never miss an alert; hear and feel the portable Pager's sound, vibration and visual flashing alerts within 250 ft. of the smpl Sensor

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Now caregivers can be more aware as they receive alerts when movement is detected in a monitored room, area or hallway. The smpl Pager alarm is portable, enabling the caregiver to be aware of any unsafe situations when they are not beside or watching the caregetter. Now caregivers can accomplish other tasks in another room, in the backyard or at a neighbor's house--within 100-200 ft. of the sensor in an average home. Clip smpl Pager to caregiver's pocket, place on desk/table or wall mount- wherever they are situated so alerts do not startle caregetter.

No Wifi, no monthly fee and it is easy to install (no wiring). No tools are required. Expandable system. Pager requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Ideal for Dementia, Alzheimer's, seniors, children, vision and hearing impaired and disabled.

--Portable smpl Pager clips on a belt or pants (removable clip)
--Works in any room, area or hallway- detects movement when they get out of a bed or chair, or enter a potentially unsafe area such as a stairway or basement, or a bathroom where they may slip and fall
--Receive alerts within 250 ft. of the sensors in open air, or 100-200 ft. in an average home
--Installs on any wall (or shelf) in minutes with pre-installed double-sided tape 3-4 feet from the floor
--Easy to use
--On/Off, Volume and Melody Sounds
--Low battery indicators
--Choose from 50 different alert sounds and 4 volume levels- can be set differently (or same sound) for each Sensor
--Flexible placement options- the wireless Sensor can be easily removed and reinstalled in a different residence
--Expandable- up to 20 sensors (smpl Motion, Door or SOS/Help Pendants) can be connected to one alarm to expand the coverage for increased safety, independence and peace of mind

Included: Motion Sensor with bracket, adhesive tape, a button cell battery pre-installed in the 3V CR2450, and Pager with removable belt clip (2 AAA batteries required- not included).

Dimension: Height 1.8 in. X Width 1.37 in.
Dimension: Height 1.5 in. X Diameter 1.23 in.
Transmitting distance: 250 ft. (in open area); 100-200 ft. in average home
Detecting range: 20 ft. x 170 degrees
Transmitting frequency: 433.92MHZ - 200KHZ
Time interval between 2 detections: 5 seconds
Operating current: 4uA(standby) 10mA(Transmitting)
Operating voltage: 3V DC
Battery type: Sensor: 3V CR2450 button battery included; Pager 3 x AAA batteries not included
Low power alert: Yes (both Sensor and Pager)
Waterproof: Pager yes; Sensor no
Rotation angle: 360 degree (with mount bracket)
Working temperature: -10 degrees C +50 degrees C
Working Humidity: less than or equal to 85 percent

Parameter: Vibrating receiver
Voltage: 3V DC power (2 x AAA batteries)
Operating temperature: -15 degrees C -55 degrees C
Receiving distance: 250 ft. (in the open area); 100-200 ft. in average home
Operating frequency: 433.92MHZ - 200KHZ
Alert Volume: 25-110 dB

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