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PLS - The Personal Listening Solution System for the Hard of Hearing

Hear TV, Music, and Meetings More Clearly

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  • Experience Clearer, Interference-Free Sound
  • Use for TV, Stereo, Meetings and Lectures
  • Great for Home, Work or School
  • Portable: Includes convenient carry case
The FM-based Personal Listening Solution (PLS) System is an affordable way to enhance your hearing by removing background noise and distortion and providing personalized volume control for the hearing impaired. An easy-to-use system, it features a lightweight, compact receiver which can be worn around the waist, clipped to your belt or slipped in your pocket, a portable FM-transmitter, and a microphone. Simply plug the AC-powered FM transmitter into the audio source or place the microphone close to the speaker and put on the earbuds. Adjust the volume and hear every word or sound. The PLS comes in a convenient carrying case making it great for use work, travel and entertainment. It's also a portable, affordable solution for use at school, where it can be easily carried from classroom to classroom. The PLS may be used as a standalone system or with a hearing aid.

The PLS solution combines a lightweight FM-band wireless transmitter and battery powered RadioOrpheus personal receiver to deliver portable hearing assistance solution for the home, meetings, theater or anywhere you need a little extra help hearing. The FM-band wireless transmitter uses standard A/C power and plugs into your television, VCR, DVD, stereo etc. allowing you to increase the volume without disturbing others in the house. It can also be used with a portable microphone which doubles as an antenna for meetings, lectures or small group listening. The compact receiver, which uses 2 AAA batteries, can be clipped to your belt or carried in your pocket or purse and allows the wearer to set the volume to suit his or her needs without disturbing others. 5-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

The following components are included with the PLS:
PLS Transmitter, External microphone, RadioOrpheus receiver, Earbud headset, 3.5mm RCA Cable, A/C Power supply, Telescoping antenna, Instruction manual, Slotted screwdriver, Shoulder bag/carry case.

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