Manufacturer: Williams Sound

Improving provider-to-patient interactions
  • Adjustable frequency range plus internal microphone
  • Ideal for multiple-patient use
  • Portable, ergonomic, lightweight design that is easy to clean
  • Background noise reduction with built-in T-coil loop compatibility
  • Rechargeable ready

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This kit is designed to provide efficient and effective communication to improve all healthcare provider-to-patient interactions. It is also ideal for one-on-one conversations.

It also features the Pocketalker personal amplifier, which provides superior amplification of sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Lightweight, portable, easy to clean, and is great for multiple-patient use. Ease of use means minimal staff training required. Can be used with or without hearing aids. ADA compliant.

System includes:
1 PKT 2.0 Pocketalker personal amplifier
1 EAR 042 dual stereo isolation earphones
1 HED 024 stereo headphones
1 MIC 014-R plug-in (no cord) microphone
1 BAT 010-2 two AAA alkaline batteries
1 WCA 007 WC 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female cable with mounting clips
1 RCS 003 lanyard
1 CCS 043 system carry case
1 EAR 045-100 sanitary headphone covers (100 pack)
1 WND 012 sanitary microphone covers (100 pack)
1 Cleaning instruction manual
All accessories can be purchased separately.

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