Once Upon A Time- The Fisherman and His Wife-Hansel and Gretel -VHS

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Children's Classics Retold in ASL

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The series, Once Upon A Time..., is a creative response to the ever-increasing demand for ASL-English materials. It combines the visual excitement of ASL storytelling with enchanting literature, in a new format sure to captivate both children and adults. These are original American Sign Language adaptations of a beloved children's classic. Favorite fairy tales are recited in ASL on videotape and adapted into English in this illustrated storybook, including a unique glossary and a list of character signs. Video 3: The Fisherman and His Wife/Hansel and Gretel. The Fisherman and His Wife - The Fisherman and His Wife is an amusing parable about a poor couple living in squalor visited by good fortune in the form of a fish the husband reels in, who is really an enchanted prince. Out of kindness, the fisherman releases him into the sea. The humble fisherman is content with his lot, but his wife, driven by greed, sends him back to the fish to demand first a house, then a huge castle, then…. Each wish is granted, but still the fisherman's wife is not happy. The inevitable ending will please viewers who enjoy seeing the undeserving get their comeuppance. Hansel and Gretel - Hansel and Gretel tells the story of two courageous children with a cold-hearted stepmother who are abandoned in a forest. Famished, they soon come to a house made of cookies, candies, lollipops, and ice cream. To feed themselves, they break off pieces of the sweets and eat them. The old woman who lives there is actually a wicked witch who built the house to lure children so she could bake them in her oven and enjoy a feast. She traps Hansel and forces Gretel to cook for him to fatten him up. How the children outwit the witch and are reunited with their father is a tribute to the resourcefulness of youngsters and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. One 30-minute Video; 36-page Storybook. For Both Deaf and Hearing Children

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