SKU 92317100
Manufacturer MaxiAids
Length 34.00 in

NoiZfree Audio Monaural Earhook

Tele-Coil Compatile

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  • Crystal clear sounds via telecoil technology transmission
  • Easy to use, comfortable lightweight ear hook
  • Water-resistant to sweat and rain
  • Durable design for hard and intense use
  • Monaural ear hook for use with most audio devices
This NoiZfree Telecoil Hearing Aid Compatible Monaural Ear Hook is specifically for use with most audio devices. This audio listening device accessory features Telecoil technology is a widely used standard in hearing aids that enable users to collect sounds from special sources and fields, canceling environmental background noise. The NoiZfree Audio Monaural Earhook is a lightweight series of hands-free and audio-phones for telecoil compatible hearing aids, placed behind the ear. Simply switch the hearing aid to T-function (or MT in some devices) and place the ear-hook on the ear. Four different types provide different options to users to enjoy noise-free use of audio sources (HiFi, portable walkman, cd players, mp3 players, etc.).