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Manufacturer Daylight
Weight 7.48 lb

Naturalight 5-inch Magnifying Lamp- 1.75x

Light and Magnification Help You See Fine Details

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  • Energy saving 22w Naturalight tube (120w equivalent)
  • 5” diameter lens magnifies 1.75x
  • Extra long 38.5” arm for custom positioning
  • Includes metal table clamp and 22w tube
This magnifying lamp has a slim head design to improve the viewing area. Less material between you and your work means more clarity and efficiency. Fitted with a 22w Full Spectrum Naturalight tube, this lamp will allow you to see all the details and work in comfort. Includes metal table clamp and 22w Naturalight Circular Tube.

All Naturalight bulbs, tubes and LEDs use 80-percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. And in addition to saving energy, they last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs.

- Lens magnification: 1.75x
- Lens diameter: 13cm (5 inches)
- Arm length: 98cm (38.5 inches)
- Weight: 4kg (9 lbs)
- Light: 22w (120w equivalent) Naturalight
- Power Supply: AC
- Color: White

Replacement Tube: 22w Naturalight Circular Tube (Mfg. Item Number UN0002)

Category Magnifying
Type Clamp
Color White
Bulb Tube

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