Thursday, March 12, 2020

MaxiAids’ Eating Utensils for Easier Holding

Those with physical challenges such as arthritis or limited dexterity need a little extra help when it comes to meals. As one of the leading suppliers of household products that make life more manageable, MaxiAids has eating utensils for those with arthritis, Parkinson's, and weak hands. Feel more comfortable and confident eating again!

Our large selection of Eating Utensils includes handles and grips for easier holding, making your time spent eating enjoyable again. From utensil sets with arthritis handles, bendable utensils, a comfort cutlery set with large handles for easy grip and much more, our selection won’t disappoint. Take the pain and strain out of mealtime by using any of the below utensils.

Ableware Universal Built-Up Handle Set of 4 Arthritis Handles (557463)

The Ableware Universal Built-Up Handle is an ergonomic, soft handle that makes it easier for people with arthritis or limited grasping ability to self-feed.

Ableware Universal Built-Up Handle Set of 4 Arthritis Handles-

Built-Up Handle Utensils - Teaspoon (5533641)

Dishwasher safe stainless steel utensils are wrapped by securely locked white polypropylene handles. The rings slide to provide support against the fingers.

Built-Up Handle Utensils - Teaspoon 

Clip-On Utensils -Fork (16T030)

A vinyl covered hand strap fits over the back of the hand and holds the fork securely. Strap may be re-bent to fit individual hands. An excellent eating aid for persons having difficulty grasping and holding small utensils.

Clip-On Utensils -Fork

Spoon and Fork Holder (152637)

This product was designed in consultation with occupational therapists. It slips on most standard spoons and forks, and is easily removable while dining out. Perfect for arthritics or others with restricted motor skills.

Spoon and Fork Holder

KEatlery Weighted Utensil -Set of 4 (551795)

Designed to be the most attractive and functional utensils for those afflicted with Parkinson's Disease and other illnesses that cause tremors of the hands.

KEatlery Weighted Utensil -Set of 4

Gripeez 4-Piece Utensil Set with Built-Up Grip (555439)

Ergonomic built-up grip that helps those with arthritis, Parkinson's and limited dexterity eat more easily without the pain they otherwise experience using regular sized utensils. Gives the user a larger handle to grasp, reducing the demand on fingers, hands and forearm muscles.



ComfortGrip Deluxe Tableware Set (16T501)

A complete tableware set that is great for those with arthritis, limited dexterity or mobility issues. The utensils have built-up handles which are easier to hold without the need for a firm, tight grasp. The divided plate keeps food separated and allows for easy scooping. This set is designed for complete mealtime independence.


Put the joy back into mealtime with MaxiAids’ selection of extensive inventory of Eating Utensils. Feel confident holding your utensils again with extra assistance like grips and handles.

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