Large Print 12 inch Ruler with Sign Language

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Learn Sign Language with This Ruler
  • 12 inch ruler with big, bold, black numerals
  • Illustrated Sign Language alphabet on the reverse
  • Made of flexible plastic
  • Suitable for Deaf and hearing alike

SKU: 456123
Length: 2.25 in
Height: 12.88 in
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This Large Print 12 inch Ruler is a handy way for both the newly Deaf and hearing individuals to learn sign language. When not in use as a learning tool, the opposite side serves as a low vision ruler. The front of this flexible plastic ruler has inch and half-inch increments up to 12 inches in bold, black, easy-to-read numbers. The reverse displays the alphabet and its sign language equivalent. Makes a great reference aid.

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