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Language Shape-Up Volume 2

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Passive Voice (Diskettes). A computer program that allows deaf or hard-of-hearing upper elementary, secondary students and adult learners to interact with English language structures in a visual manner. Developed by a teacher of the deaf and a computer programmer, the lessons focus on improving typically troublesome language usage problems in a non-threatening game-type mode. Many lessons are centered around everyday activities such as ordering pizza or shopping for clothes. A brand new version of Language Shape-Up Motivating cartoon backgrounds and updated content Volume 2 of Language Shape-Up 2001 focuses on engaging student interaction with passive voice in sentences related to everyday activities. Delightful pictures are featured in this fun new passive voice program. Upper elementary, intermediate, and advanced students can interact with each lesson by playing four different games: Paired Squares (a concentration game), Match-Mate (a matching game), and Pop Quiz (a multiple choice activity) and Spin Meister (a timed response with a score).

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