Hands-Free 10x Loupes with Dual LEDs

Manufacturer: Reizen Optix

Convenient Hands-Free Magnification Plus Light
  • Dual 10x magnifying loupes
  • Dual LED lights
  • Loupes & LEDs both mounted on eyeglass frame
  • Requires four CR2106 batteries (included)

SKU: 603008
Our Price: $19.95
Availability: Item is no longer available
Whether you engage in a profession which requires you to see fine details while at the same time keeping your hands free to work, or enjoy a hobby or pastime that involves holding a project or tools, you'll love the convenience these Hands-Free Loupes provide! And they're also helpful to keep on hand for everyday household tasks and repairs like removing a splinter or replacing a watch battery.

No need to hold a clumsy, inconvenient magnifying glass! These Hands-Free Loupes - worn like reading glasses - provide powerful 10x magnification while allowing you to direct clear, bright LED lights on your project, leaving your hands free to work.

A 'must' for jewelers, watch makers, sewers, crafters, stamp and coin collectors, model builders, woodworkers, etc.

- Power: 10x
- Hands-free dual illuminated loupes mounted on eyeglass frame
- Loupe location can be adjusted on the frame
- Requires four CR2106 batteries (included)

Product Measurements: 6.00" Long x 2.00" Wide x 1.75" Thick
Product Weight (with batteries installed): 3.0 oz.

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