EZ Magnibar with Orange Tracker Line- 9 inches

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Keeps your place when reading!
  • Great for low vision users
  • Holds your place when reading
  • Highlighted bar helps readers focus on text
  • For use as a magnifier, place holder, or paperweight

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Those with low vision will appreciate this handy bar magnifier. Place it flat side down on any reading material and the highlighted line that runs through it will help you focus and keep your place should you look away from your reading. The highlighted line is tall enough to typically hold one line of standard text and up to 9 inches of text long. Just slide the bar up, down, left, or right to continue reading. Clear Lucite material measures 9 inches in length. Strength: 1.5x. Highlighted bar color: Orange.

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