Expandable Handset for Serene 55dB Amplified Phone

Manufacturer: Serene Innovations

Extra Handset for Your Serene Amplified Phone
  • Extra handset for your existing Serene CL-65 Phone
  • Oversized 5/8 backlit buttons
  • 55-plus dB (600 times) amplification
  • Super loud 95dB ringer plus visual ring flasher
  • Talking Caller ID and Talking Keypad; Includes 2 AAA rechargeable NiMH batterie

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Freedom and flexibility for the hard of hearing and those with low vision This Serene HL-65HS Expandable Handset is a great accessory for your existing Serene CL-65 Hi Definition Amplified Talking Cordless Big Button Phone. Features include 55-plus dB (600 times) amplification, a super loud 95dB ringer plus visual ring flasher, oversized 5/8" backlit buttons, Talking Caller ID and talk-back keys that announce keys pressed to confirm you've dialed correctly. Includes AC adapter and rechargeable batteries. Color: Black and Grey.

Includes 2 AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Note: This is an expandable handset only - it will not work on its own. Use it to add to your existing Serene CL-65 Phone.

Category Amplified
Type Cordless
Options Talking
Options Caller ID

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