DreamZon LightOn 1E White Cell Phone Signaler

Manufacturer: DreamZon

Mobile phone alerts for deaf and hard of hearing
  • Alerts deaf and hard of hearing users when a call or SMS is received on their mobile phones
  • Bright LED light flashes until the user resets the unit
  • Allows simple connectivity to popular external signaling system

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The DreamZon LightOn Phone Signaler is an innovative solution specifically developed for the deaf and hard of hearing. It immediately alerts users when a call or SMS is received on their mobile phones. As soon as a new voice call, video call, or SMS comes in, a bright LED light is triggered, which continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit.

LightOn is extremely reliable, simple to use, and compatible with all mobile phones which have a vibrating mode.

The LightOn cradle's back-rest is designed to facilitate the use of sign language via mobile video phones. The angle of the cradle enables you to place your phone in the cradle and then comfortably sign with both hands.

LightOn is designed to work as a standalone device, and can also be connected to external triggering and wireless signaling systems, thus enabling better communications and improving day-to-day quality of life. LightOn allows simple connectivity to popular external signaling systems.

The LightOn device requires no plugs or installation. It is simply powered by three AA 1.5V batteries, making it portable and simple to operate. Consumers can take their LightOn cradle with them wherever they go or place them in different rooms at home or in the office.

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