Dexterity Kit for Arthritis Sufferers

Manufacturer: Exclusively by Reizen Inc.

Enjoy freedom of dexterity!
  • Specifically designed for people with arthritis and dexterity issues
  • Contains helpful aids for daily living all in one kit
  • Kit includes: E-Z key turner, zipper and button puller, pen and pencil cushions, spoon and fork holders and lamp switch enlarger

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This Dexterity Kit is specifically designed to assist the activities of those who suffer from arthritis. The E-Z key turner is an enlarged key holder and is designed with the turning effort already begun, so completion of the turn is accomplished with minimum additional stress.

The zipper and button puller are for those with weak or arthritic fingers; there's probably no more difficult task than buttoning a button. This unique product eliminates the stress and frustration by pulling the button or zipper into position. Folds to half-length to fit easily into pocket or purse.

Pen and pencil cushions are designed in both shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip. Comfortable spoon and fork holders are stylish, portable and fit into virtually any style spoon and fork providing a secure, stress-free grip. The lamp switch enlarger fits right over the existing switch to provide an easy, stress-free grasp. No electrical connections required. All these items contained in this kit are designed to be helpful aids to assist the activities of arthritic individuals.

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