Deafblind Shape - Tactile Symbol of Deafblindness

Manufacturer: National Family Association for Deaf-Blind

Beautiful Tabletop Sculpture in Support of NFADB
  • Created by artist Guido Dettoni and deafblind individuals
  • Symbolizes how they would “live” clay in their hands
  • Comes gift boxed with gray wool felt display base
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain
  • Donation amount goes to the NFADB

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Deafblind Shape
A tactile symbol of deafblindness

"Hands crossed one above the other
meet with the thumbs the absent eyes.
Hands whose palms meet a hole in the ears.
The gesture becomes a sign and tells us about deafblindness.
The shape is a symbol and by touching it, we are touched."
- Artist Guido Dettoni

The National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB) is excited to offer the Deafblind Shape for a donation of 60 U.S. Dollars. This stunning piece of artwork, manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, is cast out of a smooth, creamy white resin and comes gift boxed with a gray wool felt base to beautifully display the shape.

The Sculpture's Story:
The Deafblind Shape is the outcome of the relationship between the sculptor, Guido Dettoni, and a group of deafblind people, their families and the professionals who help them. Guido requested to share moments and actions with them to allow them to feel and comprehend how they would "live" the clay that was in their hands. Together they shaped with no intention of making anything specific. The result is the Deafblind Shape.

Guido Dettoni donated his creative work so organizations around the world could benefit from the donations generated by making the Deafblind Shape available.

A Message from MaxiAids Products for Independent Living:
We at MaxiAids are proud to present this unique and truly meaningful sculpture entitled "Deafblind Shape-A tactile symbol of deafblindness" on behalf of The National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB), the largest nonprofit national organization of families of individuals who are deaf-blind.

Please note that the entire donation amount will go to the NFADB.

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