Contrast HD Electronic Magnifier

Manufacturer: NordicEye

See text and photos more clearly and easily
  • 1.7x-67x magnification
  • View on your PC or laptop screen (not included)
  • Split image with computer
  • Color, positive, and negative display on screen

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See reading material and pictures more clearly and easily at school, work, and home!

The Contrast is a powerful magnifying camera solution that allows you to enlarge text and images anywhere from 1.7x-67x for more comfortable viewing on your PC or laptop screen (not included).

In addition to magnifying text and photos, you can choose a black on white or white on black or contrasting color view. You also have the capability of viewing the text/images in split-screen mode while you have something else displayed on the other half of your PC's screen, either horizontally or vertically.

If a distance camera is needed for a working or a school environment, an extra distance HD camera can easily be connected. (Note: The HD camera is an optional feature that must be purchased separately).

The Contrast electronic magnifier is perfect for those with diminished vision due to age-related macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Contrast is a camera only. It must be used in combination with a PC or laptop monitor (not included).

- Magnification on 20-in. monitor: 1.7x - 67x
- Focus: Auto-Focus
- Power consumption: 29W
- Focus area: 3.14 in. (80mm)
- Max resolutions: 1920x1200
- Free space under camera: 11.02 in. (280mm)
- Split image with computer: Horizontal or vertical
- Updating: 60Hz
- Lighting: LED
- Weight: 9.9 lbs. (4.5kg)
- Output: VGA, DVi, HDMI
- Distance camera: Optional
- Screen Display: Color, positive, negative, and artificial colors
- Wireless remote control included
- Distance camera (not included) can be connected
- Can be controlled by PC keyboard with Vista, Win 7
- Control panel can be purchased separately
Type Desktop
Features High Definition (HD)