ClearSounds HD500 Hands-free Binaural Headset

Manufacturer: ClearSounds

Noise canceling mic delivers clearer sound!
  • Hands-free hearing on any phone with a 2.5mm headset jack
  • Compatible with all ClearSounds branded products
  • Improved sound clarity in noisy environments
  • Lightweight and convenient to use

SKU: 914500
Our Price: $79.95
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This HD500 non-amplified headset can be easily switched to fit either ear. Binaural (both ears covered) headsets are designed for your ultimate comfort-- just position the microphone on whatever side you prefer.

Cuts down on background noise and clarifies your voice with the noise-canceling, boom-style mic. Delivers crisp, clear sound to the person you are talking to-- just position microphone approximately 1/4 of an inch away from the edge of your mouth.

Includes a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Note: Not compatible with Apple and Blackberry as a 3.5mm headset jack is required with most of their devices.