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EarTech TV Audio Digital TV Listening System

Maximum Sound Quality with Freedom to Move Around

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  • Delivers CD quality sound directly to your ears
  • Use with your TV, stereo or PC
  • Wireless transmission up to 145 feet
  • Includes transmitter base & one headset
  • Expandable up to 4 headsets and/or neckloops (purchase separately)
Hear what you see, and love what you hear! EarTech TV Audio Digital TV Listening System makes watching TV so much more enjoyable. It always delivers crystal clear audio and you hardly know you are wearing it!

EarTech TV Audio is a TV listening system that delivers sound from your TV directly to your ears. Volume and tone adjustments on the receiver allow you to customize your listening experience. Now everybody in the room can listen to TV at comfortable sound levels. You'll be amazed at how crisp and clear the sound is. Plus, you can get up, move around - and even go into another room, around corners, etc. - while still listening to the TV!

1. Connect the EarTech TV Audio transmitter to the audio out jack on your TV with the cable provided.
2. Plug in the transmitter to electrical outlet.
3. Remove the receiver from the cradle, put it on and adjust the volume on your receiver to your preferred level.

- It's Affordable: Costs less than 10 outings to the movie theatre. Start enjoying shows in your own home with as much (or as little) sound volume as you want.
- EarTech TV Audio Digimax RF has the highest Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratio on the market, which means the least amount of white noise, hissing, or static. What you hear is crystal clear, CD quality sound.
- True Digital Audio RF Technology.
- 2.4 GHz RF minimizes interference from other devices.
- Freedom to move around: You can get up and move around, even into another room, around corners, while still listening to the TV. Since it sends the sound as digital packets of information, EarTech TV Audio won't fade in and out like other systems do. The sound quality remains strong and clear up to 145 feet.
- Expandable: Can pair up to four receivers (headsets and/or neckloops).
- Compatibility: It works with all kinds of TV's, even older models. All the necessary cables and components are included in the system. And if you have any questions, we're just a phone call away.
- Easy to use: Balance, tone, and volume controls conveniently located on receiver.
- Long lasting batteries: Uses Li-Polymer rechargeable batteries, so no expense of replacing batteries.
- Lightweight and comfortable: The stetho-style headset comes with two different style earpieces. It has pivoting earbuds, ensuring a comfortable fit even when you change your body position.

The EarTech TV Audio Digital TV Listening System includes a transmitter that you connect to your audio source - TV, stereo, or PC. The transmitter sends a 2.4 GHz signal from your TV to a Clear TV Audio Headset receiver. One Clear TV Audio Headset is included. The system is expandable up to 4 receivers. (Purchase additional headsets/receivers separately.)

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