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05 November, 2019

The Importance of Nature-- Braille Trails and Sensory Gardens for the Blind

Nature trails and sensory gardens for the blind and visually impaired promote health, well-being and independence...

 Image result for sensory gardens for the blind        Image result for sensory gardens for the blind

Now the blind and visually impaired can experience outdoor trails and sensory gardens on their own.  With guided ropes, braille signs, barrier-free pathways and path markers, enjoying the gardens and trails have allowed those with visual challenges to explore the great outdoors safely and independently. Some trails have tactile walkways to provide direction, and others are wide enough for wheelchair accessibility.  Guided audio tours or smartphone access are provided as well at some of the locations, giving more information on the nature trails and sites.

Image result for sensory gardens for the blind   

MaxiAids has provided accessible items for those with visual impairment and physical challenges to live independently so they can experience the world outside of their home safely and confidently. Look to MaxiAids for products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision products and blind accessories to make these outdoor experiences eventful and exciting.

Image result for sensory gardens for the blind

Having access to outdoor nature trails are important for exercise and fresh air, adding to one's health and to help increase endorphins- the happy hormones! Winding paths and braille information signs at different locations on the trails offer an inclusive way to interact with nature.  These accessible gardens and trails provide everyone (sighted or not) an opportunity to explore nature in its natural setting while gaining education and awareness of the outdoor world.

Sensory gardens tap into the many senses, giving the blind access to smell scented herbs and fragrant plants, touch river rocks, trees and uniquely textured plants and flowers, and hear the sounds of nature and other outdoor life.  Trickling water from fountains, waterfalls and babbling brooks, meditative wind chimes, sound producing plants that make noise when wind passes through them, and autumn leaves that crunch underneath ones' shoes when walking over them, all contribute to a sensory pleasing experience.

If you have a family member or friend who is blind, you can create your own mini sensory garden. (See "Five Ways to Create a Sensory Garden for the Visually Impaired" )


Braille trails and gardens may include railings, raised garden beds, and special pathways so the visually impaired can walk along these paths without assistance. There are many healing benefits of gardens and outdoor spaces dedicated to the blind, according to Amy Wagenfeld, college professor of occupational therapy and author of Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces. Outdoor gardens can improve physical and psychological health, lift depression and help those with illnesses.  "Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones."


Braille trails and sensory gardens can be found in public parks and botanical gardens all over the world.  --Audrey Leonard

27 October, 2019

How to organize your closet when you are blind or visually impaired

                 Image result for color coded clothing closet images

As if it isn't hard enough keeping our closets and drawers organized... for the blind or visually impaired, organization is incredibly important in knowing where items are at all times. Always keeping essentials in the same place and grouping them together by color or style is an absolute must for someone who has a visual impairment.  Hanging clothes together in categories: long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, patterns and solid colors, folded shirts and sweaters, or separating casual from dressy... when it comes to clothing, these helpful products below will help aid in the organization process and ensure a successful ensemble before you walk out the door.

MaxiAids' assistive items have helped thousands of customers achieve independence and self-confidence when getting dressed. With products like talking color detectors, braille and tactile markers, fashion shaped buttons for identification of clothing and colors, and aluminum braille clothing tags, putting together outfits becomes much more accessible and easier.

Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers - Easy to use-- just sew them on. Shape indicates color of items.  (Item 30-25, 30-27)

     Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers                Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers

Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers - Braille labels are perfect for stitching or pinning on to clothes; identifies item in a particular color or pattern. (Item 202891)
Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers

RNIB PenFriend Audio Laundry Labels - Label Your Clothes Using Your Own Voice. Record pattern, color and care instructions of your entire wardrobe onto these self-adhesive labels, and never leave the house with odd socks or a mismatched outfit again. (Item 308098)


EZ Pro Sock Holders - You never have to worry about lost socks again! (Item 507811)

>EZ Pro Sock Holders

Color Identifiers/Light Detector & The Talking Color Detector - Easily match clothes and more.  Hold against surface of item and touch red button to hear exact color shade announced. (Item 306043) & (Item 302538)

Color Identifiers/Light Detector Color Identifiers/Light Detector

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen - Great to use for identifying clothes and many other personal items. (Item 205377)

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen

Color Mates - Attach the identifiers and you are ready to mix or match your wardrobe. (Item 5062847)

Color Mates

Clothes Folder - Fold Clothes with a Simple Flip! Gain more space in your closets. Easy to use and ideal for blind and low vision users.  (Item 505152)

Clothes Folder

MaxiAids is proud to provide items that help make life more accessible and functional for those who have physical impairments. From talking products to alert systems, blind accessories and low vision aids, and many other products for the blind, visually impaired, and deaf and physically challenged, look to MaxiAids for all your solutions to everyday challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

16 October, 2019

Get Relief from Uncomfortable Back Pain with MaxiAids’ Back Support Products

Seeking relief from back pain is about as common as it gets, which is why Back Support products from MaxiAids are a welcomed virtue! Back pain can strike at any time; when you’re driving in the car, relaxing on the couch at home, gardening outside or sitting down for an important meeting. Instead of suffering through the pain, use any of our Back and Neck Support products to ease strain, stiffness and tension.

Is your back pain making it hard to unwind or get comfortable after a stressful day? We don’t believe you should suffer any longer! Don’t let your back or neck pain hinder your everyday activities, or make you lose interest in doing the things you love.

We have many solution-oriented products for back pain to choose from; from Sciatica Pillows to Heated Car Cushions and Back Belts. Browse through our catalog of back support aids to find the best product to treat your specific pain or strain.

Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion - Black - ObusForme Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion keeps you warm and comfortable when driving on cold days. (Item 809214)

Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion - Black

Back Belt - Female - Medium-Large - Light Grey - Supports lower back and promotes proper alignment of the back. (Item 809202)

Back Belt - Female  - Medium-Large - Light Grey

Back Belt - Unisex - Large-XLarge - Black - Designed to promote proper posture, reduce back pain, and prevent back injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising, and repetitive bending or twisting.  (Item 809209)  Also available in Small-Medium and Medium-Large.

Back Belt - Unisex - Large-XLarge - Black

Back Support Drivers Seat Cushion with Lumbar Pad + Heat + Massage - Adjustable Lumbar Pad, Heat, and Massage brings soothing relief to your back. (Item 809213)

Back Support Drivers Seat Cushion with Lumbar Pad + Heat + Massage

Lowback Backrest Support - Burgundy - Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating. (Item 809217)

Lowback Backrest Support - Burgundy

Lower Back-Sacral Support Belt- Conforms to Lower Back for Maximum Support. (Item 46600)

Lower Back-Sacral Support Belt- Large 36-42-inch

ObusForme Lowback Backrest + Countoured Seat Cushion Kit - Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating and is ideal for periods of prolonged sitting. (Item 809221)

ObusForme Lowback Backrest + Countoured Seat Cushion Kit

ObusForme Supporting Roll with Massage - Provides soothing massage and support for your lower back or neck anywhere you go. (Item 809238)

ObusForme Supporting Roll with Massage

Orthopedic Allergy Pillow - Provides both neck and spine support as well as allergy control (Item 150004)

Orthopedic Allergy Pillow

Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow - Designed to take the weight off your thighs and bottom helping to eliminate sharp radiating pain in the lower back, spine and legs. (Item 151417)

Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow

MaxiAids’ staff is always here to serve our customers who live with physical challenges, including back or neck pain. Browse our inventory for a complete list of Back Support products that we offer! 


09 October, 2019

Immersive Art Exhibits offer those with physical impairments to explore imagination and fantasy


Immersive art exhibits are more and more popular around the world as people want to become "one" with the art, having the desire to escape physical reality and become part of the art experience itself.  For the blind as well as those who are sighted, becoming completely submerged into an exhibit is an exhilarating and inspiring experience.  "It's a place for interaction, exploration and play. People become "transported"-- taken inside a different dimension that changes the way they see and feel about the world around them." Discovering art through the human senses is both stimulating and exciting. 

Here at MaxiAids we offer thousands of products that stimulate and engage the senses, and educate and encourage independence in children and adults with physical challenges.  Our products help provide the freedom and confidence to engage in experiences and creative exploration outside of the home.

   Image result for rose mansion ball pit images

A new millennial art scene has now emerged, including large scale, expansive room installations, as people long to stretch their imaginations and tap into the feeling of discovery, adventure and artistic illusion.  It's like stepping into a playground for adults, as well as for children.  Many of these exhibits have popularized themselves as social media photo opportunities, where people enjoy seeing themselves immersed into fantasy backgrounds, as though they walked right into a dream...

Image result for rose mansion ball pit images

For the blind, deaf and visually impaired, the fantasy differs, as immersive exhibits include sensory touch, hearing, smell, and sometimes taste.

 For the artists, building imaginative hands-on three dimensional exhibits in rooms, hallways and spaces have inspired everyone who walks in-- sighted or not, and is quite gratifying for the artists, as they have the opportunity in witnessing their visitors interacting inside their creative visions.

One of the new, immersive art exhibits in Salt Lake City, Utah was specifically designed for students who are visually impaired, have hearing loss or both. Dreamscapes is a pop-up art experience that uses the students' imaginations to take them through a tour of physical and digital artwork.

It’s a 14,000-square-foot labyrinth that taps into the subconscious," giving each student a way to visualize and explore the outside world in a way they never have dreamed.  For some of the staff at the museum, it was emotional to watch the children wander through the art. I cried a couple of times," said Andrea Silva, "Dreamscapes" manager. "Being with the kids, they just took to all of the art exactly how it was intended, which was fully immersive, as they examined all the textures, and experienced different sounds and smells.  Art is typically focused on visuals, but "Dreamscapes" is aimed at the physical senses as well as the emotional ones too. 

With tactile games, scratch and sniff children's books, tactile maze books, talking products, low vision aids, blind accessories, and so much more, MaxiAids continues to offer products and modify some of these items to make life more enjoyable, entertaining and accessible for the blind, deaf and physically challenged. --Audrey Leonard





25 September, 2019

Shop Mobility Desks: Adjustable Height Desks, Activity Tables, Wheelchair Accessible Tables & More

It’s back to school season and here at MaxiAids we’re all about mobility solutions for those who need it. Our extensive inventory of Mobility Desks are perfect for schools, healthcare settings like assisted living facilities and nursing homes, offices and home use.

Depending on your needs, we have Mobility Desks that accommodate anyone with special needs. From adjustable height desks, activity tables, wheelchair accessible tables, posture tables and much more, browse our mobility products for the desk you’re looking for.

Lead a more independent lifestyle at your desk with our everyday solutions for the physically challenged. Below are examples of the many Mobility Desks we have to choose from.

Accessible Computer Workstation with Hand-Crank

This Accessible Computer Workstation with Hand-Crank Adjustment (DS) accommodates students of all ages.

Accessible Computer Workstation with Hand-Crank

Quarter-Round Therashape Accessible Table

The adjustable Therashape table offers a versatile treatment table for any healthcare setting.



Quarter-Round Therashape Accessible Table

Wheelchair Accessible Table-Adjustable Height-Tilt with Front Edge

The Wheelchair Accessible Table-Adjustable Height-Tilt offers a cost-effective solution for creating accessible desk space in schools.


Wheelchair Accessible Table-Adjustable Height-Tilt with Front Edge

BUTTERFLY 2-Person Wheelchair Accessible Table

This height adjustable BUTTERFLY Wheelchair accessible table is the perfect assisted living solution to accommodate special needs of individuals in their homes, facilities, nursing homes, offices and more.

BUTTERFLY 2-Person Wheelchair Accessible Table


Computer Euro-Style Lap Desk

The Computer Euro-Style Lap Desk combines attractive contoured styling with ergonomic design and convenience features that are sure to appeal to those who work (or play) on a laptop. 

Computer Euro-Style Lap Desk

Old School Wooden Lap Desk

Remember the old-style school desks we used to use? The ones with hinged lids and tons of space for storing items? This lap desk replicates the utilitarian beauty of those desks and is further enhanced by richly stained wood. 

Old School Wooden Lap Desk

Round Pedestal Therapy Table- 36-in. Diameter

This therapy/activity table provides the simplest, smoothest height adjustment available. A counter balance system allows the table to "float" up and down, offering you the perfect work height for every situation, with no compromises.

Round Group Therapy Pedestal Table- 47-in. Diam.

Sit-Stand-Recline Workstation - Model 500

A workstation solution to computer users who work from a reclining position. The Model 500 straddles a bed or recliner and can hold up to 21 monitors anywhere on its tabletop.

Sit-Stand-Recline Workstation - Model 500

Accessible Activity-PC Table-Hand Crank Adjust-DS

Attractive and modern, this height-adjustable table is ideal as a wheelchair accessible activity table or computer workstation. 

Accessible Activity-PC Table-Hand Crank Adjust-DS

Posture-Rite Lap Desk

Laminated, easy-clean surface. Conforms to every lap, adjusts from flat to 20 degree angle. Posture-slanted, durable fabric cushion. 

 Posture-Rite Lap Desk

MaxiAids has the mobility products you need for all your back to school needs, which will set you up for future success. Be sure to browse our Back to School Deals 2019!

08 September, 2019

MaxiAids helps those with physical challenges lead independent and active lifestyles

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MaxiAids helps those with physical challenges
lead independent and active lifestyles

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The vision and creation of a company that would offer customers the largest selection of product aids has led to greater enjoyment, productivity, and overall increased quality of life for thousands of customers with physical challenges. Call for your free catalog at 1-800-522-6294.

04 September, 2019

Make your world more accessible with the Cyber Eyez VR Hands-Free Device for the blind and visually impaired

Regain your independence in a sighted world!  Cyber Eyez is a hands-free electronic vision enhancement solution for the blind and visually impaired, enabling users to magnify up to 20 times. Using the power of the Samsung S9+ phone, the auto focus camera will focus near and far automatically.  This will enable the user to view far distances like watching television and sporting events, seeing street signs, and for close tasks like reading a book or newspaper.                   

Cyber Eyez has numerous offline and online capabilities. These features include:

  • Text to speech - Simply take a picture of the text and it will be read aloud to you. When offline it can read in over 100 languages. When online the unit uses Seeing AI software for incredible text recognition.
  • Object Recognition - When offline the system identifies over 1,000 common objects. When online the system uses the Power of Google images to recognize 16 billion images.
  • Color Assistant - will recognize over 1,500 colors.
  • Scan bar codes - When online Cyber Eyez will use the power of Google to scan and read bar codes.
  • Mood Ring Mode - Cyber Eyez has the ability to know peoples moods. Just snap a picture and Cyber Eyez will let you know if the person is happy, sad, etc.

Cyber Eyez is available in two versions powered by the Samsung S9+ phone:


The Cyber Eyez –VR -- (Item 608545) Includes the VR headset, Samsung S9+ and handheld remote (user has option to use remote or Headset touch pad). Also includes Lifetime Software Updates, Online Training and Free Tech Support.


Cyber Eyez Trifecta – (Item 608544) Includes the complete Cyber Eyez –VR unit plus a pair of discreet smart glasses and the incredible Cyber Eyez software. The Smart glasses allow you to go anywhere without drawing attention. The glasses attach to your Samsung S9+ phone with a holder and neck lanyard (included).  You can discreetly wear the Smart Glasses and have the ability to scan and read text, scan bar codes and much more. Cyber Eyez will pair with Bluetooth keyboards, braille displays and cochlear implants.

MaxiAids is here to offer the best products to help those who are blind, have low vision and visual impairment to help regain confidence and become independent.  Look to MaxiAids for products for the blind, deaf and mobility challenged.

27 August, 2019

MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map is the Perfect Educational Toy for Young Kids

talking usa map

Whether you’re in need of a back to school gift, birthday gift or a new educational toy for your child, MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map of the United States is ideal for any young girl or boy who’s eager to learn.

This Family Choice, Mom's Choice Gold Metal and Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018 is a touch-activated talking i-Poster that provides 500 amazing facts about all the states of the USA. Your child will love the friendly voices, music and flashing lights that guide them through this playful learning experience. The map includes a parents’ manual so you can help get your child set up to learn all about our great country in a few easy steps!

talking usa map

The Talking USA Map makes learning easy and fun. Its engaging interactive feature teaches basic information, climate and general knowledge, all with the touch of your finger. Your child will gain learning skills like logical thinking, music, concentration, earth science, memory, problem-solving, geography and environment. It includes a quality speaker, on/off power with unique light, interactive buttons, basic and advanced quiz mode, volume control, repeat, National Anthem song and more.

MaxiAids’ Interactive Talking Map is the perfect addition to your little one’s bedroom or playroom area at 30 1/2 X 21 inches. It’s intended for preschool age kids, ages 5 and up. The map is a versatile addition to your home in that it can be hung up, used as a playmat or played with on the floor.

With so many toys on the market to choose from, why not choose something that’s both fun and educational? Kids love the interactive features of this map, and our guess is the adults might have some fun with it too.

For more educational toys and back to school items, check out MaxiAids’ Recreational and Fun store for the largest selection of adaptive toys and accessible games at the lowest prices. 

15 August, 2019

MaxiAids helps those with physical challenges lead independent and active lifestyles

     MaxiAids has established partnerships with non-profit organizations including Helen Keller National Center and Braille Institute, as well as numerous Lighthouses for the Blind and schools for the deaf across the country.

We distribute products to both government, public and private agencies, educational systems, health facilities, as well as directly to individuals.

Call for your free catalog at 1-800-522-6294 or visit our website at
14 August, 2019

Navigate easier in a technological world! Our adaptive keyboards are designed for all kinds of physical challenges...

MaxiAids has a wide selection of Large Print and Adaptive Keyboards for the visually impaired and those with dexterity issues and one handed use.  Our keyboards are intended to help make computer time more productive.  Choose low vision keyboards with big keys for easy typing and less eye strain. Large print keyboards come in stylish and functional designs for both kids and adults.  For single handed keyboard use, we offer different styles to choose from to make typing less of a struggle.  We also carry Braille overlays for keyboards to help the blind...

Big Keys LX Keyboard- Color QWERTY/Large Color-Coded Keys Make Typing Easy. The Big Keys LX features oversized 1 inch square keys with large, bold black print that's easier to see - especially for those with low vision. Plus, this model adds color coding to help distinguish keys from one another. (Item # 8025720)

big keys lx-keyboard color qwerty

EZ See Large Print Keyboard-Black Keys-White Print with Big, Bold Letters for Easy Typing & Less Eyestrain. (Item 801043)
EZ See Large Print Keyboard-White Keys-Black Print (Item 801039)

ez-see-large-print-keyboard-white-keys-black-print ez see large print keyboard black keys white print

Keyguard for KeysUSee Large Print Keyboard, Great for Parkinson’s and Motor Skills Issues-- For users with limited motor skills, a sturdy frame allows hands to be rested on it without accidentally pressing keys. Polished holes that are directly above all the individual keys guide fingers, allowing increased typing accuracy. (Item 802254)

keyguard  for keysusee large print keyboard

Maltron Keyboards -Dual Handed designed to enable people with special needs to enter computer data more easily and quickly. (Item 8039956)

maltron keyboards  dual handed

Maltron Single-hand Keyboard (Left hand or right hand use)-- These single handed keyboards meet the needs of those who need to type with one hand. They are designed with the limited number of keys that can be accessed quickly and comfortably. Special shape and letter layout matches natural-hand movement. Keyboard has Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions, which is essential for single hand operation. (Item 8035435 and Item 8035474)

ez-see-large-print-keyboard-white-keys-black-print ez see large print keyboard black keys white print

Created for Single Handed Users-- Dvorak type of keyboard is easy to learn, provides comfort and with use, and may even increase both typing speed and accuracy. Controls and keys are operable with one hand. (Item RHKD) and (Item LHKD)

dvorak style  keyboard right hand

Large Print 3-Color Backlit Keyboard USB -- Big Print Keys & Choice of 3 Backlight Colors. Select between red, blue, or purple backlight to further enhance keyboard visibility for use at night or in dimly lit areas. (Item 809505)

large print 3 color backlit keyboard usb

Perkins Electric Brailler enables braille writing with much less force and for longer periods of time than manual machines. Designed for the blind and those with low vision, it's perfect for students or anyone wanting to produce high quality braille. (Item 22-0103-6)

perkins electric brailler

Braille Overlays for Computer Keyboards. Make Your Keyboard "Blind Friendly" (Item Q20805)

braille overlays for computer keyboards

Large Print Black on White Apple Bluetooth Keyboard -- Utilizing large print, these keyboards are wireless and work with Apple computers with Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer. (Item 801264)

large print black on white apple bluetooth keyboard

Print Keyboard for Mac- Black Print on White Keys with LED light Big , Bold Print Makes Typing Faster & Easier. (Item 801929) See our other color keyboards in white print on black, and black print on yellow.

large print keyboard for mac white print blk keys

Keys-U-See KinderBoard - An excellent first keyboard for any child! The KinderBoard has 1-inch oversized keys and large, bold, easy-to-read numbers and letters. Features color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers and punctuation marks to help pre-school children learn their character sets. Also features two USB 2.0 side ports and function keys. (Item 800019)

keys u see kinderboard

Keys-U-See BigBlu VisionBoard - Large 1 inch keys make it easier to see! Large 1-inch keys offer an advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard. The white keys with black lettering make typing easier. (Item 800018)

keys u see bigblu visionboard

Keys-U-See LessonBoard - Improve your touch-typing speed! Patented color-coded finger layout shows correct finger placement. It's a standard-size computer keyboard that helps reduce the chance of forming bad keyboarding habits. (Item 800029)

/keys u see lessonboard


MaxiAids specializes in products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision aids, blind accessories, and products designed for people with dexterity issues and one handed use.  Look to MaxiAids to help you succeed with a keyboard that is just right for your individual computer navigational needs.