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07 January, 2020

Cooking and Preparing Meals When You're Blind or Visually Impaired

Cooking can be a real challenge when faced with blindness or vision loss.  With the help of MaxiAids' assistive products for the blind and visually impaired, and a few pointers for successful preparation of meals, cooking and baking can be gratifying and less frustrating when using the right tools!  These assistive cooking items from MaxiAids will help make you feel more confident and independent in the kitchen.


Organization in the kitchen is extremely important to know where every item, spice, accessory, dinnerware and cookware is kept. Decluttering and keeping the space free of obstacles make navigating in the kitchen easier. Labeling your items for identification is an absolute must for differentiating spices, oils and other food prep items. It is important to always put items back in the exact place each time you are done with them.


Wear short sleeves above the elbow when working at the stove and oven. Use elbow length long oven mitts to handle pots and pans when removing them from the oven, and always set a timer to remind you when to turn off the stove and electrical appliances.

Place pot on burner before turning on the heat and always shut the burner off before removing a pot. Instead of a frying pan, use a deep-sided saucepan for frying; it is much safer and the oil won't spatter. Add ingredients such as rice and pasta to water before boiling to avoid the risk of getting splashed by hot water.


A double spatula will help turn and flip food for better control.  Always face saucepan handles to the same side so you know where they are at all times. This will prevent you from knocking them over. Use an electronic liquid level indicator for pouring liquids so you do not over pour.


Measuring cups and spoons are available with raised markings to help you measure accurately. When it comes to food preparation, there are many assistive items to choose from to help you prepare your meals more easily. Whether it's a non-stick, anti-splatter, or an easy-pour locking lid pot, our pots and pans have some safety features to protect you from burns and injury.


Small appliances help prepare meals fast and safe. From crockpots to toaster ovens with tactile markings to talking appliances, these kitchen cooking helpers are functional and space-saving.


Image result for a plate of food for a blind person"Image result for a plate of food for a blind person"

Serving food on a dish is convenient and easier when you refer to it as a clock face.  As an example; by placing meat at 12:00, grains at 3:00, vegetables at 6:00 and fruit at 9:00 will help identify food on the plate for you and your guests.

Plate guards help keep the food on the plate, avoiding a mess and fits on most dishes discreetly.

MaxiAids is proud to offer products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision products, low vision aids and blind accessories to make cooking and other tasks or hobbies easier and more productive.

29 December, 2019

2020 Happy New Year from MaxiAids


Image result for 2020 new year logos"

MaxiAids would like to take the time to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year.  We continue our mission to offer products that help make daily life more accessible and less challenging, especially when faced with physical disabilities.  Our products help you live life with more comfort and ease, give you more freedom inside and out of the home, and help boost confidence and self-independence.

New Year's Resolutions for 2020

As the New Year begins, we start to think about shifting old habits, adding something new to our daily lives, and change our thinking process by being more positive and having a better outlook despite challenges we face. The New Year is a start for adding more time for creativity, hobbies and passions, slowing down and taking in moments of relaxation, exercise and meditation, or perhaps learning something new; playing an instrument, taking an art class, learning a different language.  The idea of a new beginning, a new year-- gives us the opportunity to begin fresh every January 1st

How to put the annual resolutions into practice?

You can start by making a list and truly think about what is most important in your life that you want to add or change.  Is something not working for you? Do you feel negative, lonely or bored?  Are you faced with new health issues recently? Joining clubs and specific meet-up groups are a great way to make new connections, despite whatever life experiences are taking you in a different direction.  There are always other people who have similar circumstances and challenges as you.

A New Year filled with Adventure and travel

Travel companies now specialize in those who have physical disabilities.  Trips for the blind, wheelchair groups-- many travel tour companies research destinations, hotels, and excursions that accommodate those who have specific physical challenges and map out itineraries for their groups to make for an adaptable and memorable trip.

Image result for images of travel tours for the blind"Image result for images of travel groups in wheelchair"


Taking the time to volunteer boosts endorphins and makes you feel good when you help others.  Adding some valuable time for volunteering can do wonders for your own self-esteem while making other people happy.

Image result for teacher in wheelchair reading to  children"Image result for blind teacher reading to  children"

Every day is a new beginning

Thinking about what you would like to expand in your life -- New Years is a time for personal self-reflection.  Make this year a new and better one so each and every day can be enjoyed with a positive attitude and new mindset.

MaxiAids specializes in products to help boost confidence and self-independence.  Look to MaxiAids to promote better living when faced with physical challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

15 December, 2019

This holiday season... make time for playtime!

Image result for images of blind people playing


MaxiAids provides modified braille and tactile games so blind and sighted people, young and old, can enjoy interactive play-- together.  For those faced with visual impairment, MaxiAids offers hundreds of products to make entertainment inclusive and fun.



The power of play is essential to the soul...

When it comes to leisure time, playtime is so important to our overall happiness. Psychiatrist Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play in Carmel Valley, Calif. states, “Play is a basic human need essential to our well-being as sleep, so when we’re low on play, our minds and bodies notice.”

Bring back the fun and gather up friends and family for some interactive enjoyment to stimulate social activities inside and out of the home. "Staying Young at Heart: Why Adults Should be Playing More"

Goalball Audible Ball with Bells                         

From board games to playing cards, Bingo and chess, and beeping balls for blind sports activities, our games have braille or tactile pieces to help with low vision, visual impairment and other physical challenges.  MaxiAids has an extensive selection of unique games, toys and learning aids to bring social interaction and fun into the lives of those you love.  


02 December, 2019

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors and the Hard of Hearing

MaxiAids for the physically challenged has an extensive range of items designed to improve the lives of seniors and those who are deaf and hearing impaired.  Make this holiday season gift-giving a thoughtful and helpful one with products to help ease the frustrations of hearing loss.

Reizen Loud Ear Personal Amplifier (907654) helps clarify the frustrations and struggles of not hearing conversations clearly. With 110dB gain, this amplifier has a built-in microphone for clear and loud hearing. Soft-spoken family members? Just turn up the volume and be part of the conversation with everyone!


Tel-Time Watches - Large Dial Chrome (706220) or Gold Tone (706221) Talking Vibrating Watches with Black Rubber Bands are packed with amazing features without sacrificing style or comfort. Hear the time and date on demand in a clear male or female voice, and the alarm function enables to not only hear the alarm time but also gives a vibrating and chime option to make sure appointments or reminders are not missed.


Serene HD 40dB Amplified Talking Cordless Big Button Phone (301230) allows freedom and flexibility for seniors, the hard of hearing and those with low vision; with 40+ dB (100 times) amplification, a super loud 90dB ringer plus visual ring flasher, oversized 5/8 backlit buttons, Talking Caller ID and talk-back keys that announce keys pressed to confirm correct dialing, this versatile cordless phone has it all. Makes a great gift this holiday season!


2-in-1 Combo Access 4 Alarm Clock with Vibrating Reizen Bed Shaker (934040) will alert to the telephone ringing or wake-up by flashing light, extra loud alarm, vibration, or any combination. For those with hearing loss, never miss a call or an appointment. Handle folds up and down for easy portability. Great holiday gift for the deaf and hearing impaired.


HearMore TV Premium Wireless Headphone Transmitter Set (914998) allows those who are hard of hearing or hearing impaired to privately listen to their shows at the volume they desire, without annoying others with extra loud volume.


Reizen Vibrating Five Alarm Pill Box (709824) helps organize daily pills and reminds with audible and/or vibrating alarms up to five times a day. Perfect for those with low vision, hearing impairment or those who need memory queues, this audible and vibrating pillbox will ensure your loved ones never miss their medication.


Reizen Shake-U-Up Vibrating Compact Travel Alarm Clock (700833) features a pulsing vibration alarm that is helpful for the deaf and hard of hearing and is also convenient for those who want to wake up without disturbing their partner.


911 Guardian Alert Emergency Phone (300911) provides peace of mind knowing that at the touch of a button you or a loved one can be speaking directly to a 911 Emergency Operator.


First Alert Smoke Alarm with LED Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired (177010) features smart strobe technology which will pulse in different rates to tell if there is smoke or carbon monoxide. Life-saving strobe lights will give peace of mind to seniors, the deaf and hearing impaired.


Serene Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener (831001) keeps hearing aids dry, clean and germ-free. It features a powerful UV light that inhibits bacteria growth which can cause itchy ears. With its built-in battery tester and compact size, your loved ones will never be without their hearing aids!

MaxiAids offers thousands of items to choose from for those who live with physical challenges.  They will appreciate the thought you have given in making their lives more accessible and enjoyable during this holiday season.

24 November, 2019

10 Holiday Gifts for the Blind and Visually Impaired

MaxiAids has an extensive range of items designed to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired, those with low vision, and other physical challenges.  Make this a thoughtful and helpful holiday season with gift giving products to make their world more accessible...


Reizen Talking Atomic Watch (704013) Imagine never having to set a watch!  Ideal for those who are vision impaired and have trouble seeing the numbers. This talking watch has a large face and bold black numbers for easier viewing, and will announce the time at the press of a button. It sets the time on its own via radio signal from Atomic Clock in Colorado without having to make any physical adjustments, giving confidence of time accuracy to those who can't see.


Reizen Daisy Digital Recorder Player (307591) This player has internet access for FM radio/podcast recording, contrast colors, tactile controls and large SD card slot for visually impaired and blind users. Can be integrated with different text to speech (TTS) languages, its portable- features USB port for other devices and has voice navigation for each step. Talking alarms, voice reminder and voice memo, talking compass, calculator and timer, this recorder player has so many functions for the blind, they will wonder how they lived without it!


Reizen Talking Atomic Alarm Clock (706884) Never have the wrong time or date! This talking Atomic Clock automatically changes for daylight saving time with optional hourly time announcement from 8am to 10pm. This atomic clock tells the month, date and day of week so the blind and visually impaired always know what the time and day is.


Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock with Vibrator (704990) The most adaptive deaf/blind clock available, developed especially for the blind and those with low vision, but also the deaf and hard of hearing. There are braille numbers on the face for tactile reading of time, glow-in-the-dark hands, and extra illumination at the press of a button. Plug in the vibrator and adapter and this clock will wake hard-of-hearing or deaf individuals, without waking others.


Reizen Low Vision Quartz Wall Clock (7040936) Large, easy to read wall clock with a 14 inch diameter and large 1 ½ inch numerals make this clock easier to see.  For those who have low vision, this is a perfect clock to see the time without straining their eyes. Perfect for the home and office.



Reizen Bi-Color Square Braille Watch-Expansion Band for women and men (707794) (707792) Durable hands were designed for reliable touch reading of time for the blind and visually impaired user. Tactile dots distinguish hour marks. Swiss movement and bi-color Gold-Tone/silver tone case and band-- a stylish and functional watch for women and men this holiday season!


Reizen Braille Labeler (263507) Identifying items can be a real challenge when faced with blindness and visual impairment. This labeler is a must for the blind and visually impaired.  For home, work or school, use it to label everything:  files, records, DVDs, cans of food, credit cards, business cards, name, address and phone numbers of favorite restaurants, movie theaters, and so much more. Provides a huge convenience since it is so lightweight and portable, making their world more accessible and easier!


Reizen Dome Magnifier 4x 12D 80mm (R6911) Magnifies and collects light to disperse onto text, ideal for the low vision user when reading becomes a challenge. It provides a brighter field of view without an additional light source. Makes a great gift.


Reizen Raised Dot Dominos (90997) Dominos are tactile with raised dots for easy identification of each piece so blind and sighted friends and family members can enjoy a fun game together this holiday season. Comes with a carry case.


Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells (791303) Bells inside this ball is for audible tracking, which makes this soccer ball inclusive for all! Blind, visually impaired, low vision and sighted players (age 8-12) will enjoy playing for hours together with this bright yellow soccer ball that's easy to see and hear. 

MaxiAids is proud to offer products for the blind, visually impaired and those with low vision to help with the challenges of everyday life. With thousands of items to choose from, give a gift that will help aid your loved one this holiday season!

19 November, 2019

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors

MaxiAids for the physically challenged has an extensive range of items designed to improve the lives of seniors.  Make this holiday season gift-giving a thoughtful and helpful one with products to help ease challenges for your favorite seniors...

Reizen Automatic Pill Dispenser

Reizen Automatic Pill Dispenser (159032) Dispense the right dosage of the right pills at the right time and schedule up to 6 daily doses with the built-in programmable timer. Auto pill dispenser is designed for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients, those with low vision, and patients with complicated daily medical regimes. Tamper-proof locking key system helps prevent over-medicating, which is a common problem in the senior population when they fail to remember if they took their pills or not.

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch

Reizen Talking Atomic Watch (704013) Imagine never having to set a watch!  Ideal for seniors who have trouble seeing the numbers or who struggle with dexterity issues.  This watch will set the time without having to make any physical adjustments.  With its large face, bold black numbers and hands for easy viewing, they will also enjoy the convenience of hearing the time announced at the press of a button.


Reizen 3.5x Sports Glasses (R3158) Seniors will love seeing all the details and action they've been missing out on when eyesight begins to decline due to aging or other deteriorating eye conditions.  These ideal spectacle/binoculars are for distance viewing. Use them at home to see the TV more clearly and easily. Take them to the movies, the ballet, plays, sporting events, anywhere!


Tel-Time Talking clock (99*U6695) No more struggling to see the time with this Curve talking low vision clock. Half inch black numbers on an easy to read LCD display, this clock will also give an audio time report, hourly time announcement, adjustable volume,  and easy to set alarm. Helps seniors stay on top of their appointments, meetings and reservations with friendly talking announcements.


Reizen Led Lighted Oval Dome Magnifier (R6920) Magnification and light plus lifetime-use batteries, this dome magnifier is great for dimly lit rooms, restaurants, waiting areas, or wherever eyes struggle to see when reading. Portable magnifier is convenient to take anywhere. Powerful 6x magnification!


Reizen Talking Scale (1502671) Hear weight in English, Spanish, lbs. or kgs. Quality constructed bathroom scale with a friendly female voice announces "Hello, I'm Ready". Scales can be hard to read from a standing distance, especially for those with failing eye sight or neck pain.  Let this talking scale speak the weight and make it easier to keep track of weight gain and loss.


Reizen Loud Ear Personal Amplifier (907654) As we age and hearing loss begins to be an issue, this powerful personal amplifier will help clarify the frustrations and struggles of not hearing conversations clearly. With 110dB gain, this amplifier has a built-in microphone for clear and loud hearing.


Reizen Big Button Phones (9254552, 305506) A phone for seniors that makes dialing easier!  With speakerphone and volume/receiver control, 10 number memory storage, and LED light that flashes incoming calls, when hearing and sight becomes more difficult, this is the perfect phone that's so easy to see and use!


Reizen Talking Jumbo Calculator (752975) Hear keys pressed and calculation results spoken. Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8” digits on LCD is the perfect oversized calculator (8.25” x 11.50”) for those who struggle seeing the number results on a regular calculator.


Reizen Talking Atomic Alarm Clock (706884) Never have the wrong time or date! This clock automatically changes for daylight saving time with optional hourly time announcement from 8am to 10pm. Confusion and not knowing the actual date is a common issue for seniors and those with the beginning stages of dementia or Alzheimer's. This atomic clock shows month, date and day of week so seniors always know what day it is. It receives a split-second accurate time from the US Atomic Clock. 8 Time Zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Alaska, Hawaii, Atlantic and Universal Coordinated time.

MaxiAids takes pride in offering products to help aid in the struggles of everyday living. With thousands of items to choose from, there is sure to be the right gift for your favorite seniors this holiday season!


05 November, 2019

The Importance of Nature-- Braille Trails and Sensory Gardens for the Blind

Nature trails and sensory gardens for the blind and visually impaired promote health, well-being, and independence...

 Image result for sensory gardens for the blind        Image result for sensory gardens for the blind

Now the blind and visually impaired can experience outdoor trails and sensory gardens on their own.  With guided ropes, braille signs, barrier-free pathways and path markers, enjoying the gardens and trails have allowed those with visual challenges to explore the great outdoors safely and independently. Some trails have tactile walkways to provide direction, and others are wide enough for wheelchair accessibility.  Guided audio tours or smartphone access are provided as well at some of the locations, giving more information on the nature trails and sites.   

MaxiAids has provided accessible items for those with visual impairment and physical challenges to live independently so they can experience the world outside of their home safely and confidently. Look to MaxiAids for products for the blind and visually impaired, low vision products and blind accessories to make these outdoor experiences eventful and exciting.

Image result for sensory gardens for the blind

Having access to outdoor nature trails are important for exercise and fresh air, adding to one's health and to help increase endorphins- the happy hormones! Winding paths and braille information signs at different locations on the trails offer an inclusive way to interact with nature.  These accessible gardens and trails provide everyone (sighted or not) an opportunity to explore nature in its natural setting while gaining education and awareness of the outdoor world.

Sensory gardens tap into the many senses, giving the blind access to smell scented herbs and fragrant plants, touch river rocks, trees and uniquely textured plants and flowers, and hear the sounds of nature and other outdoor life.  Trickling water from fountains, waterfalls and babbling brooks, meditative wind chimes, sound-producing plants that make noise when wind passes through them, and autumn leaves that crunch underneath ones' shoes when walking over them, all contribute to a sensory pleasing experience.

If you have a family member or friend who is blind, you can create your own mini sensory garden. (See "Five Ways to Create a Sensory Garden for the Visually Impaired" )

Braille trails and gardens may include railings, raised garden beds, and special pathways so the visually impaired can walk along these paths without assistance. There are many healing benefits of gardens and outdoor spaces dedicated to the blind, according to Amy Wagenfeld, college professor of occupational therapy and author of Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces. Outdoor gardens can improve physical and psychological health, lift depression and help those with illnesses.  "Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones."

Braille trails and sensory gardens can be found in public parks and botanical gardens all over the world.  --Audrey Leonard

27 October, 2019

How to organize your closet when you are blind or visually impaired

                 Image result for color coded clothing closet images

As if it isn't hard enough keeping our closets and drawers organized... for the blind or visually impaired, organization is incredibly important in knowing where items are at all times. Always keeping essentials in the same place and grouping them together by color or style is an absolute must for someone who has a visual impairment.  Hanging clothes together in categories: long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, patterns and solid colors, folded shirts and sweaters, or separating casual from dressy... when it comes to clothing, these helpful products below will help aid in the organization process and ensure a successful ensemble before you walk out the door.

MaxiAids' assistive items have helped thousands of customers achieve independence and self-confidence when getting dressed. With products like talking color detectors, braille and tactile markers, fashion shaped buttons for identification of clothing and colors, and aluminum braille clothing tags, putting together outfits becomes much more accessible and easier.

Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers - Easy to use-- just sew them on. Shape indicates color of items.  (Item 30-25, 30-27)

     Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers                Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers

Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers - Braille labels are perfect for stitching or pinning on to clothes; identifies item in a particular color or pattern. (Item 202891)
Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers

RNIB PenFriend Audio Laundry Labels - Label Your Clothes Using Your Own Voice. Record pattern, color and care instructions of your entire wardrobe onto these self-adhesive labels, and never leave the house with odd socks or a mismatched outfit again. (Item 308098)


EZ Pro Sock Holders - You never have to worry about lost socks again! (Item 507811)

>EZ Pro Sock Holders

Color Identifiers/Light Detector & The Talking Color Detector - Easily match clothes and more.  Hold against surface of item and touch red button to hear exact color shade announced. (Item 306043) & (Item 302538)

Color Identifiers/Light Detector Color Identifiers/Light Detector

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen - Great to use for identifying clothes and many other personal items. (Item 205377)

HI MARK -TM Tactile Pen

Color Mates - Attach the identifiers and you are ready to mix or match your wardrobe. (Item 5062847)

Color Mates

Clothes Folder - Fold Clothes with a Simple Flip! Gain more space in your closets. Easy to use and ideal for blind and low vision users.  (Item 505152)

Clothes Folder

MaxiAids is proud to provide items that help make life more accessible and functional for those who have physical impairments. From talking products to alert systems, blind accessories and low vision aids, and many other products for the blind, visually impaired, and deaf and physically challenged, look to MaxiAids for all your solutions to everyday challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

16 October, 2019

Get Relief from Uncomfortable Back Pain with MaxiAids’ Back Support Products

Seeking relief from back pain is about as common as it gets, which is why Back Support products from MaxiAids are a welcomed virtue! Back pain can strike at any time; when you’re driving in the car, relaxing on the couch at home, gardening outside or sitting down for an important meeting. Instead of suffering through the pain, use any of our Back and Neck Support products to ease strain, stiffness and tension.

Is your back pain making it hard to unwind or get comfortable after a stressful day? We don’t believe you should suffer any longer! Don’t let your back or neck pain hinder your everyday activities, or make you lose interest in doing the things you love.

We have many solution-oriented products for back pain to choose from; from Sciatica Pillows to Heated Car Cushions and Back Belts. Browse through our catalog of back support aids to find the best product to treat your specific pain or strain.

Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion - Black - ObusForme Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion keeps you warm and comfortable when driving on cold days. (Item 809214)

Back and Seat Heated Car Cushion - Black

Back Belt - Female - Medium-Large - Light Grey - Supports lower back and promotes proper alignment of the back. (Item 809202)

Back Belt - Female  - Medium-Large - Light Grey

Back Belt - Unisex - Large-XLarge - Black - Designed to promote proper posture, reduce back pain, and prevent back injuries due to lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, exercising, and repetitive bending or twisting.  (Item 809209)  Also available in Small-Medium and Medium-Large.

Back Belt - Unisex - Large-XLarge - Black

Back Support Drivers Seat Cushion with Lumbar Pad + Heat + Massage - Adjustable Lumbar Pad, Heat, and Massage brings soothing relief to your back. (Item 809213)

Back Support Drivers Seat Cushion with Lumbar Pad + Heat + Massage

Lowback Backrest Support - Burgundy - Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating. (Item 809217)

Lowback Backrest Support - Burgundy

Lower Back-Sacral Support Belt- Conforms to Lower Back for Maximum Support. (Item 46600)

Lower Back-Sacral Support Belt- Large 36-42-inch

ObusForme Lowback Backrest + Countoured Seat Cushion Kit - Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating and is ideal for periods of prolonged sitting. (Item 809221)

ObusForme Lowback Backrest + Countoured Seat Cushion Kit

ObusForme Supporting Roll with Massage - Provides soothing massage and support for your lower back or neck anywhere you go. (Item 809238)

ObusForme Supporting Roll with Massage

Orthopedic Allergy Pillow - Provides both neck and spine support as well as allergy control (Item 150004)

Orthopedic Allergy Pillow

Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow - Designed to take the weight off your thighs and bottom helping to eliminate sharp radiating pain in the lower back, spine and legs. (Item 151417)

Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow

MaxiAids’ staff is always here to serve our customers who live with physical challenges, including back or neck pain. Browse our inventory for a complete list of Back Support products that we offer! 


09 October, 2019

Immersive Art Exhibits offer those with physical impairments to explore imagination and fantasy


Immersive art exhibits are more and more popular around the world as people want to become "one" with the art, having the desire to escape physical reality and become part of the art experience itself.  For the blind as well as those who are sighted, becoming completely submerged into an exhibit is an exhilarating and inspiring experience.  "It's a place for interaction, exploration and play. People become "transported"-- taken inside a different dimension that changes the way they see and feel about the world around them." Discovering art through the human senses is both stimulating and exciting. 

Here at MaxiAids we offer thousands of products that stimulate and engage the senses, and educate and encourage independence in children and adults with physical challenges.  Our products help provide the freedom and confidence to engage in experiences and creative exploration outside of the home.

   woman wearing grey sweater near the balloon

A new millennial art scene has now emerged, including large scale, expansive room installations, as people long to stretch their imaginations and tap into the feeling of discovery, adventure and artistic illusion.  It's like stepping into a playground for adults, as well as for children.  Many of these exhibits have popularized themselves as social media photo opportunities, where people enjoy seeing themselves immersed in fantasy backgrounds, as though they walked right into a dream...

For the blind, deaf and visually impaired, the fantasy differs, as immersive exhibits include sensory touch, hearing, smell, and sometimes taste.

 For the artists, building imaginative hands-on three-dimensional exhibits in rooms, hallways and spaces have inspired everyone who walks in-- sighted or not, and is quite gratifying for the artists, as they have the opportunity in witnessing their visitors interacting inside their creative visions.

red heart lights turned on in room

One of the new, immersive art exhibits in Salt Lake City, Utah was specifically designed for students who are visually impaired, have hearing loss or both. Dreamscapes is a pop-up art experience that uses the students' imaginations to take them through a tour of physical and digital artwork.

It’s a 14,000-square-foot labyrinth that taps into the subconscious," giving each student a way to visualize and explore the outside world in a way they never have dreamed.  For some of the staff at the museum, it was emotional to watch the children wander through the art. I cried a couple of times," said Andrea Silva, "Dreamscapes" manager. "Being with the kids, they just took to all of the art exactly how it was intended, which was fully immersive, as they examined all the textures, and experienced different sounds and smells.  Art is typically focused on visuals, but "Dreamscapes" is aimed at the physical senses as well as the emotional ones too. 

With tactile games, scratch and sniff children's books, tactile maze books, talking products, low vision aids, blind accessories, and so much more, MaxiAids continues to offer products and modify some of these items to make life more enjoyable, entertaining and accessible for the blind, deaf and physically challenged. --Audrey Leonard