AlertMaster AL10-AL12 Combo w-Door Knocker

Manufacturer: Clarity

Alerts to Door, Phone or Clock in a Second Room
  • Remote receiver for alerts in a second location
  • Simple setup - no hard wiring required
  • Works with existing AlertMaster products

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This system will alert you when the door knocker, telephone or alarm clock is activated. This alert system sends a signal to the additional remote receiver alerting you in a second location.

The hard of hearing alerting system includes the Alertmaster AL10, door knocker, AL12 remote receiver, bed shaker, phone line cord, and user guide.

You can further expand your system by adding these optional transmitters: Baby Cry (90*AM-BX), Audio Alarm Transmitter (90*AM-AX), Motion Sensor (90*AM-SX), Door Announcer (90*AM-DX). Additional receivers that may also be added to the alerting system include the Remote Receiver AL12 (952512) and the Personal Tactile Signaler (90*AM-PXB).

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