Alarm Monitor KA300 System

Manufacturer: Krown

Protect Your Family
  • Works with most existing alarm systems
  • Comes with bed shaker, strobe and loud speaker
  • Easy to install

SKU: 905300
Our Price: $375.00
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Alarm Monitoring Kit. Now you can connect all existing alarm devices in your dwelling with the wireless link alarm system. This alarm kit covers a broad area and displays up to three alarm channels. Using a bright 17,000mCd strobe light, a loud speaker, and a strong bed shaker, the KA300 system is clearly the best choice for monitoring the alarm system in a building. This alarm system features a built-in Time condition signal filter to keep the alarm from accidentally sending a false alarm. It's the first flexible alarm monitor system on the market designed to fit a small, medium-to-large scale building. With battery backup, the system will work even in a power blackout. Easy to set up and install in a small residence, dormitory, apartment, motel and hotel.

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