3-Position Headset Microphone System for Chattervox Voice Amplifiers

Manufacturer: Chattervox

Use as Headset, Collar, or Lapel Microphone
  • Multipurpose presentation microphone system for use with Chattervox Voice Amplifiers (sold separately)
  • Lightweight design with spectacular sound quality and ambient noise control
  • Comes with headset, neck hook wire, boom microphone and lapel clip
  • Ideal for lecturers, teachers, vocal coaches, aerobics instructors, singers, DJs, performers, more
  • Hands-free headset keeps your hands free for other tasks while you speak or perform; gooseneck mic stem lets you adjust mic while wearing headset<

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Take your ChatterVox Voice Amplifier to the next level with this innovative and multifunctional 3-position headset microphone system!

Designed for professional use, this lightweight microphone system is perfect for anyone who needs to be clearly heard while giving presentations in front of groups or performing on stage. This is the perfect ChatterVox accessory for lecturers, teachers, vocal coaches, aerobics instructors, singers, DJs, performers, and more!

The reason this ChatterVox accessory is so popular is because it can be conveniently used as a lapel microphone, a collar microphone or a headset microphone. The microphone itself is a highly sensitive, condenser microphone with wide frequency response for crisp, clear sound. The hands-free headset keeps your hands free while you speak, sing or perform. The gooseneck microphone stem lets you easily adjust the mic while wearing the headset. Headset is made of stainless steel which is flexible yet durable and easily adjustable for a comfortable fit.

ChatterVox Voice Amplifiers sold separately (Item Numbers 152883, HM3746794, HM7075323).


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