Sunday, December 29, 2019

2020 Happy New Year from MaxiAids


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MaxiAids would like to take the time to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year.  We continue our mission to offer products that help make daily life more accessible and less challenging, especially when faced with physical disabilities.  Our products help you live life with more comfort and ease, give you more freedom inside and out of the home, and help boost confidence and self-independence.

New Year's Resolutions for 2020

As the New Year begins, we start to think about shifting old habits, adding something new to our daily lives, and change our thinking process by being more positive and having a better outlook despite challenges we face. The New Year is a start for adding more time for creativity, hobbies and passions, slowing down and taking in moments of relaxation, exercise and meditation, or perhaps learning something new; playing an instrument, taking an art class, learning a different language.  The idea of a new beginning, a new year-- gives us the opportunity to begin fresh every January 1st

How to put the annual resolutions into practice?

You can start by making a list and truly think about what is most important in your life that you want to add or change.  Is something not working for you? Do you feel negative, lonely or bored?  Are you faced with new health issues recently? Joining clubs and specific meet-up groups are a great way to make new connections, despite whatever life experiences are taking you in a different direction.  There are always other people who have similar circumstances and challenges as you.

A New Year filled with Adventure and travel

Travel companies now specialize in those who have physical disabilities.  Trips for the blind, wheelchair groups-- many travel tour companies research destinations, hotels, and excursions that accommodate those who have specific physical challenges and map out itineraries for their groups to make for an adaptable and memorable trip.

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Taking the time to volunteer boosts endorphins and makes you feel good when you help others.  Adding some valuable time for volunteering can do wonders for your own self-esteem while making other people happy.

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Every day is a new beginning

Thinking about what you would like to expand in your life -- New Years is a time for personal self-reflection.  Make this year a new and better one so each and every day can be enjoyed with a positive attitude and new mindset.

MaxiAids specializes in products to help boost confidence and self-independence.  Look to MaxiAids to promote better living when faced with physical challenges. -- Audrey Leonard

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