2-Line TrackBack Business Mini Desktop Calculator

Manufacturer: Datexx

No need for redos!
  • TrackBack function allows users to go back and edit equations with ease
  • Lets you go back and view up to 1000 equations to verify numbers and make changes as needed
  • Flip-up top portion allows users to see the calculating screen more easily
  • Includes Profit Analyzer function that determines cost, sell, and profit with three simple keys
  • Tax Inclusion key takes taxes into account when needed

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Notice a wrong entry in your calculations? No need to redo them! With the 2-Line TrackBack Business Mini Desktop Calculator, correcting mistakes such as these is simple. The ability to backtrack through your current equation, as well as up to 1000 previous entries, allows you to maintain your flow of calculations without having to start over. In addition, this calculator features Profit Analyzer functions that allow you to input cost and selling price, determining profits earned with ease. It even features a Tax Inclusion key to take taxes into account when needed. These functions, in addition to the TrackBack feature, make this calculator an essential tool for any business.

- Battery type: 2 x LR1130
- Unit dimensions: 4.13x5.63x0.79 (inches) / 10.50x14.30x2.00 (cms)
- Unit packaging: 5.94x8.31x0.87 (inches) / 15.10x21.10x2.20 (cms)

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