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EZ Form Braille-Tactile-Brailon Duplicator - USA

Reproduce Accurate Braille Text & Tactile Graphics

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  • Makes permanent, inexpensive teaching aids & Braille copies
  • Uses Brailon plastic material (not included)
  • Fits original sheet sizes up to 11 x 11.5”
  • USA Version: 115V/50/60Hz
  • Measures 16” H x 16” W x 35” L (when open)
To this day, the Thermoform Machine is the most accurate way to reproduce Braille Text and tactile graphics. Safe and easy to use, the EZ-Form makes permanent and inexpensive teaching aids and Braille copies from a single master and Brailon. They are reliable, easy to maintain and capable of producing quality duplicates time after time.

The Thermoform Machine is extremely easy to use - simply place your master copy or mold onto the machine, then place a sheet of our special plastic material, Brailon, on top of it and close the clamp. Once the clamp has been engaged, slide the heating element to the front (covering the master) and wait a few seconds.

After this short period, you will be notified that the copy has been made and it's time to slide the heating element back. Disengage the clamp and remove the Brailon copy. The entire process takes just a matter of seconds and you'll have a stunning reproduction of your master copy.

Please note that we only recommend the use of Brailon with these machines. Brailon is a safe, non-toxic plastic material that has been specially formulated for these machines. The use of non- Brailon materials may be hazardous and dangerous.

Maximum Forming Area: One inch less than each dimension of sheet

Frame & Sheet sizes:
8.5 x 11"
9.75 x 11.5"
11 x 11.5"
21 x 29.7 cm DIN A4
27 x 34 cm

Electrical (USA Version):
Voltage: 115V/50/60Hz
Current: 115V: 15A max

Height: 16"
Width: 16"
Length: 35" (when machine is open)
Weight: 82 pounds

EZ-Form is CE Certified for International usage

Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on parts.

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