Brailon Plastic Sheets-21 x 29.7cm- A4- Heavy- 100ct

Manufacturer: American Thermoform

For EZ Form & Maxi Form Braille-Tactile machines

  • Includes 100 sheets
  • Sheets measure 21 x 29.7 cm
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Brailon is a safe, non-toxic plastic material used in making Braille/tactile copies of text or images from an "original" document. Brailon has been specially formulated for use with EZ Form and Maxi Form Braille-Tactile Duplicators. American Thermoform recommends using ONLY Brailon with these machines. The use of non-Brailon materials may be hazardous and dangerous.

Brailon is a plastic-like paper developed specifically for use with Thermoform machines. It has a slightly matte surface, is non-toxic, moisture-proof, and classroom safe. Two formats of Brailon are available - Regular and Heavy.

Regular is primarily used to copy braille text and basic tactile graphics.

Heavy is used for copying of braille diagrams and text, or where extra durability is required.

Brailon is the most efficient, realistic, and highest quality way to re-create graphics and tactile documents. Not only is it reliable and durable, but also it is extremely inexpensive to create exact duplicates and diagrams. It has been the industry standard for 50 years.

Brailon is available in Plain, 19-Hole, or 3-Hole punched formats.