ErgoCap X-Treme Terrain Crutch or Cane Tip

Manufacturer: Ergoactives

Made to handle wet, slippery, or rugged surfaces
  • Spikes can easily be retracted for indoor use
  • Made of a durable, anti-slip, medical-grade rubber
  • Provides stability and traction
  • Acts as snow tires for your cane or crutches during the winter
  • Grips outdoor surfaces, then easily retracts for indoor use

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This patented device was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to specifically provide stability and traction while walking or standing still. A tip created to handle extreme terrains. Made with anti-slip, medical-grade rubber for durability. ErgoCap X-Treme tip also mimics the human ankle, which makes for greater comfort and safety.

The ErgoCap X-Treme Terrain tip also has four "wings" for maintaining balance. Embedded in the ErgoCap X-Treme tip is a "metal crown" comprised of small spikes that can be released to create traction.

To activate the metallic spike crown when it is installed on your cane or crutch:
Rotate the lock/unlock system mechanism in a counterclockwise manner. The metallic spikes will automatically come down from inside the base of the crutch tip. To maintain the metallic spikes in this position, rotate the lock/unlock system once more to fully lock the spikes and keep them active. Once the crown is totally out, rotate back the knob to the locked position.

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