ErgoCap Ultralite Universal Cane and Crutch Tip

Manufacturer: Ergoactives

Perfectly built for all-terrain use

  • A universal tip that fits any cane or crutch
  • Guaranteed non-slip and balance at any angle
  • Superior grip to provide solid stability
  • Promotes an excellent gait (heel-flat-toe)
  • Specifically designed to mimic the human ankle, which makes for greater comfort and safety
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ErgoCap Ultralite tip was made by an orthopedic surgeon who ensured that it would mirror the motions of the human ankle. This allows security, comfort, and stability to be achieved and reduces the vibration and impact on the ground.

This product is made of non-slip, long-lasting rubber with special stabilization wings to provide steadiness at any angle, allowing the user to walk more naturally and comfortably.

This lightweight tip is a perfect fit for 73mm tubes or any standard tube. It is also usable with both canes and crutches (even pediatric crutches).