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ErgoCap High Performance

All-Terrain Cane or Crutch Tip

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  • A universal tip that fits any cane or crutch
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and manuauverbility
  • Made of non-slip, long-lasting rubber with special stabilization wings for balance at any angle
  • Promotes an excellent gait (heel-flat-toe)
  • Reduces the vibration and impact with the ground
ErgoCap ErgoCap High Performance (HP) is a universal, advanced reinforced rubber cane & crutch tip that was ergonomically designed for comfort and maneuverability. It was designed by an orthopedic surgeon who ensured that it would mirror the motions of the human ankle. This allows security, comfort, and stability to be achieved and reduces the vibration and impact with the ground.

The ErgoCap HP is a patented rubber crutch and cane tip with a unique design that promotes a smoother gait for the user. As the flexible, yet durable tip simulates the heel to the action of the human foot in motion, your cane or crutch is more supportive. The shock absorbing, non-slip ailerons relieve the user from exerting excess pressure to maneuver the cane or crutches.

This ergonomic cane and crutch tip is truly advanced and high performing. With the highest grade rubber available on the market, your ErgoCap High Performance will last longer than conventional tips, even in humid and wet areas and on challenging surfaces.

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