Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit with Smart-Mic

Manufacturer: Comtek

Hear Speech Loud & Clear - Ideal for Classroom Use
  • Acts as a remote microphone to deliver clearer sound
  • Speaker wears transmitter, listener wears receiver
  • Smart-Mic enhances teacher’s/other students’ voices
  • Use with or without T-coil hearing aids
  • Includes mic, cables, batteries, charger & carry case

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Enjoy improved listening, clarity, and better understanding of speakers - especially in school settings where you want to hear the teacher as well as other students' questions and comments!

The AT-216 Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit from Comtek puts years of experience and the latest digital technology to work, improving your listening experience in a variety of settings and helping you meet the hearing challenges of your active life.

This kit includes a Smart-Mic for the PR-216 receiver optimized for the performance of the AT-216 wireless auditory assistance system in a classroom environment. When the teacher begins to speak through the M-216 transmitter, the PR-216 receiver's Smart-Mic automatically prioritizes the teacher's voice over environmental sounds. When the teacher is not speaking, the Smart-Mic immediately activates the environmental microphone on the PR-216 receiver to allow fellow students' comments and questions to be heard.

The AT-216 system functions as a remote microphone for the user, overcoming the greatest listening challenges for those with impaired hearing: high levels of background noise, reverberation effects, and distance between the speaker and listener.

In addition to hearing aids with a telecoil, the listener wears the personal receiver and neckloop. The speaker wears the M-216 transmitter. The PR-216 personal receiver picks up the voice of the person wearing the M-216 transmitter, and the neckloop then retransmits it to the hearing aids for clean, close-up sound. If hearing aids are not used, the receiver may also be used with headphones. Now the person with impaired hearing has a direct link to the speaker at greater distances for improved listening, clarity, and better understanding.

Rugged Enclosure: The AT-216 system features all-new packaging designed to hold up to the rigors of everyday use. Whether at school, work, or play, the toughness and reliability of the new Comtek AT-216 gives you the assurance that you will hear well in virtually any situation.

- Easy fit, snap-on clip allows users to simply clip on the transmitter or receiver to a pocket or belt
- Specially designed battery compartment makes it impossible for the battery to be inserted backwards
- Channel adjustment switches are covered by the snap-on clip to prevent accidental channel changes

- The AT-216 system not only works on the standard channels (1-40) in the 216 MHz band maintaining compatibility with other brands, but only Comtek's AT-216 works with the high dynamic range companded channels (41-60) for high fidelity sound reproduction rendering greater speech intelligibility.
- The AT-216 system has unique power conservation circuitry which allows a nine volt battery to be used with greater efficiency. Plus it makes possible the highest audio output level ensuring the effective and efficient use of the "T" coil neckloop system.
- The M-216 transmitter has the most versatile auxiliary audio input. Transmitting audio programs from tape, CD players, TV, VCR's, or from any audio device which has an auxiliary or line level audio output jack is now easier than ever. What's more, when using the auxiliary audio input, the microphone may also be used to mix voice with the program information for special effects. The M-216's multifunction capability also allows it to be used with compatible telephones and conference table microphones.

- One M-216 wireless microphone transmitter
- One CM-183 RT omni-directional lapel microphone
- One PR-216 personal receiver
- One Smart-Mic for the PR-216 optimized for use in a classroom environment
- One NTC-102 neckloop transductor
- One SM-N earphone assembly
- One TM-10 conference table microphone adapter
- One NBC 9-2C battery charger
- Two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
- One CB-36 ST auxiliary audio input cable
- One C-216 carrying case

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